Another post for #WorldWatercolorMonth


This time featuring a trio of owls. Wise Old Oswald is on the left, Clever Clara is in the middle, and in the hole in the tree – just peeking out, is Ace.

Well, you must always have an ace in the hole, mustn’t you?

(Could this be a clue? Or a red herring? Have I already posted another clue? Or a red herring? And, did I post a clue last year? Or a red herring?) I had to reverse the polarity of the brightness in the header image (also the one just above this!), just to make it stand out more, a bit wishy-washy colour-wise, I feel this one is. My Inner Yoda taking over is trying.

A very quick sketch, this one, took about an hour and a half from beginning to posting. I say posting… I mean sending through the scheduling portal for it to rematerialise all new and posted in Blogland at a later time. I don’t know now whether I’m ahead, behind or on track with these watercolours. A quick recap is needed, methinks. A quick sleep before, however… there’s plenty of time.


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