We’re back on safari, but shush… it’s the dead of night, and all of our baby animals are now fast asleep.

Did you hear a growl? I heard a growl.

Ah, not to worry! It’s Tiggan, the little tiger cub. She spends most of the day sleeping, so doesn’t mind us being here. Well, I think she doesn’t. You can’t tell with wild, ferocious animals, can you?

Tiggan’s name, by the way, isn’t pronounced ‘tigg-ann’ as you’d think, it’s the more elegant ‘tea-gann’. Best thought I’d mention it… we wouldn’t want to upset her, what with being surrounded by all this darkness and all!

This is my eight version of an ATC/ACEO for #WorldWatercolorMonth.

The question is (and could this be another clue?) who is going to be the ninth?

The ninth animal will be revealed on Saturday, within my Six Word Saturday post.


  1. I will try my best not to upset her…I’m going outside for a fee minutes now…have a look at Jupiter’s moons 😉 and contemplate my inner tiger growling bad advice at me re go buy new laptop even if it’s not the one you wanted because inner tiger is growling dangerously at state of the existing one! Oh tiger!!

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