Cloudy Again. Yay! But Hot. Boo!


I shouldn’t really complain, though, as it is Summer! And, I complain just the same when it is freezing cold in Winter, so the issue isn’t really the temperatures… it’s just me, and I like complaining about the weather!

How curmudgeonly. (1)

How cranky. (2)

How grouchy. (3)

How British. (4)

How rude. (5)

What a picklepuss. Devil Devil Devil Ooh, what fun! Six in brackets becomes a devil’s face…

Mostly I’m happy though. Blame the weather.

Six birds for Six Words. Yes – it’s Six Word Saturday again! Have fun!

25 comments on “Cloudy Again. Yay! But Hot. Boo!”

    1. Sorry, Jo… it must have something to do with my Open Writer program… I’ve noticed in the past (S) becomes a Moon for some reason… should have realised at the time.
      Hope you’re having happy weather!!!
      Happy weekend to you too, Jo! 😀


  1. It does??? Lemme try it …. (6) ….. now if that doesn’t make a little red faced grizzling divil I shall be very disappointed.

    I thought at first that you’d got a right old face ache going on … then I realised it was a 6 word challenge. I think you’re amazing for doing that because I, as you well know, have a problem keeping my wordage short. [sigh]
    I shall now shut up.
    Clever post.
    Here’s hoping for a little divil….. fingers crossed!
    ~ Cobs. x 🙂

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    1. The (6) is a localised condition, Cobs, I’m afraid to announce. ‘Tis activated via Open Writer, which is what I use to write my blog posts in. I thought it was a nifty shortcut but the devil got the better of me.
      Yup! Six Word Saturday, and this time I tried for six words. Still wrote more, but I’m getting there! 😀 The good thing about this challenge is that only the title needs to be six words – the rest of the post can be any length we like! So, fabulous! 😀

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