Cloudy Again. Yay! But Hot. Boo!

I shouldn’t really complain, though, as it is Summer! And, I complain just the same when it is freezing cold in Winter, so the issue isn’t really the temperatures… it’s just me, and I like complaining about the weather!

How curmudgeonly. (1)

How cranky. (2)

How grouchy. (3)

How British. (4)

How rude. (5)

What a picklepuss. Devil Devil Devil Ooh, what fun! Six in brackets becomes a devil’s face…

Mostly I’m happy though. Blame the weather.

Six birds for Six Words. Yes – it’s Six Word Saturday again! Have fun!

25 Comments on “Cloudy Again. Yay! But Hot. Boo!

  1. (6) ? No, I don’t appear to have the magic touch. (6) I’ll just have to complain about the weather instead. There’s plenty of it up here. Happy weekend, Tom! 🙂 🙂

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    • Sorry, Jo… it must have something to do with my Open Writer program… I’ve noticed in the past (S) becomes a Moon for some reason… should have realised at the time.
      Hope you’re having happy weather!!!
      Happy weekend to you too, Jo! 😀


    • Thanks, Debbie. I got six words in with my six words! (6) seems a tad intermittent, however!
      Hope you too are having a great weekend!


  2. It does??? Lemme try it …. (6) ….. now if that doesn’t make a little red faced grizzling divil I shall be very disappointed.

    I thought at first that you’d got a right old face ache going on … then I realised it was a 6 word challenge. I think you’re amazing for doing that because I, as you well know, have a problem keeping my wordage short. [sigh]
    I shall now shut up.
    Clever post.
    Here’s hoping for a little divil….. fingers crossed!
    ~ Cobs. x 🙂

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    • The (6) is a localised condition, Cobs, I’m afraid to announce. ‘Tis activated via Open Writer, which is what I use to write my blog posts in. I thought it was a nifty shortcut but the devil got the better of me.
      Yup! Six Word Saturday, and this time I tried for six words. Still wrote more, but I’m getting there! 😀 The good thing about this challenge is that only the title needs to be six words – the rest of the post can be any length we like! So, fabulous! 😀

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    • Thanks, Eugenia.
      I like the warm weather, but not the HOT weather. Mother Nature does try though, as you say you can’t please all of the people all of the time! 😀


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