A gentle breeze
And rustling Spring leaves
Chirps from within
As the Sparrow sings

Storm clouds gather
And raindrops patter
And with a flutter of wings
The Sparrow still sings

Turbulence and angst
Rockets and tanks
Yet through all the din
The Sparrow STILL sings

Differences resolved
And as peace now echoes
Carried upon the wind
Is the song the Sparrow sings

(Images from Pixabay)


  1. Good piece Tom! 🙂

    We used to have a lot of sparrows around here, but over the decades their numbers have plummeted! 😦

    Pesticide use is the obvious cause, but the big Chemical companies continue to pressure farmers to use their product at a terrible cost to nature and, eventually, us… 😦

    God Bless!


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    1. Nature always finds a way of fighting back, Prenin. Those chemical companies had better watch out.
      I used to see lots of starlings – not quite enough for a murmuration, but a few – although lately there haven’t been that many. This week I saw two together! Things are looking up. (Which, really, is the way it should be when one discusses birds…)

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