Like clouds they appear, gently at times, urgently at others, jolting us from our daydream existence. Thoughts of yesteryear, yesterday, this morning… what ifs and what could bes… whys and hows… remember thems and remember whens. Teardrops fill laughter lines, hearts beat sometimes faster, sometimes heavier. Answers are gleamed. Questions raised. Blanks are filled, names are remembered. Schooldays. Away days. Even boring rainy days. Unfinished plans… realised dreams… successful outcomes paired with future goals.

Old friends, one-time friends, zany friends, and strangers with familiar faces.

Places. Favourite places. First-time places. Pass-through places. Meant to go places. Even scary places.

Glances. Secrets. Wishful thoughts and hidden regrets. Happy moments. Cherished moments. Wished I’d bottled them moments.

Cheerful hellos… tearful farewells.

Missed opportunities and moments grabbed.

Flavours. Scents. Sounds. Sights. Sensations. Vibrations. Imagination! Exhilaration!!

What ifs and what could bes…

Blanks are filled. Teardrops fill laughter lines.

Happy moments.

My moments.


Even boring rainy days.


  1. Well articulated! Memories are precious moments, which we carry in our hearts and as Wordsworth has vert aptly said : “They flash upon that inward eye and are a bliss of solitude.” 🙂

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