Drum Roll Please.

Shuffling sound heard as envelope is swiftly opened.

The Poortrait is of… Tom Cruise!

Rapturous applause heard from around the room. Lights flashing, highlighting members of the audience clapping and cheering. Smiling. Laughing. Open-mouthed. Puzzled. Confused. Bewildered.

Commotion on stage. Officials on stage.

The wrong envelope.

The Wrong Envelope.

The wrong announcement.

What are the chances of that???

Shuffling sound heard as second envelope is swiftly opened.

The Poortrait is actually of…

What do you mean you don’t know?

It’s Brad Pitt, so obviously, it’s undeniable. Undeniably obvious. Unobviously deniable. Ahem. Is unobviously a word?

Yes, it’s Brad Pitt from the 1994 movie ‘Interview with the Vampire’. I watched it when I was one. Year old, not vampire. Ahem. Again.

One point must go to Val Boyko who actually mentioned this person (although she did change her mind as well and said Tom Cruise, but he was also in the movie; in fact he was the one who turned Brad into a vampire, if my memory serves me correctly) Well done Val!

A nice dose of silliness to lighten the load. And why not?


  1. Awww Tom sorry I arrived a bit late to this page but I just post my comment to your Portrait before read this since I didn’t know you posted the reveal already and I am very happy to see that I was right! Wel done Tom! 🙂

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