If I were a vampire…

…I think I’d be a very good one.

I’ve already listed the reasons why I like vampires, but now I’m looking into how things would be if I were a vampire. After all, we can be anything we really want to in our lives, we just have to put a little effort into it. Where we don’t need to put a lot of anything into becoming what we truly desire to be is in our imaginations. There we can be whoever we please – and whenever we please it!

So. I’m now a vampire.

I am a special vampire that isn’t allergic to daylight, but I still prefer the later hours. That actually sounds like the human me anyway, so that isn’t such a far leap for my imagination.

I am quite moody… sultry in fact. That sounds like me too… I’m not doing very good with this imagination thing right now. I’ll keep trying.

I wear absolutely amazing clothes, and my body is stunning. Athletic and toned, and, for a vampire, quite bronzed and tanned. My hair looks perfect no matter what I do with it, and I can move like lightning. There we go… I knew I had a good imagination in me somewhere!

I like being by myself, but I do also like being around others. I enjoy flirting and being on the edge, but am very careful not to go over the edge. I say things to cause mild offence, but not to outright offend. I sometimes listen to other people, but tend to do mostly my own thing. I need to have a mirror to look in, not that I’m vain, but just to see how good I do look. I’ve met myself coming backwards now… I’m imagining that I’m a vampire imagining that I have a mirror that I can see myself in, which I can as me, but not as the vampire… anyway, moving on…

I live in a huge mansion with many rooms, and the rooms are on many different levels. I like living in the upper part of the house, but I am also particularly fond of an old room downstairs that has been decorated in a really old fashioned way. There is an old clock in this room that ticks loudl – hang on a minute! – this is one of my other dreams that I’ve had. I wasn’t a vampire in that dream – but I don’t remember any mirrors. Hmmm. I digress. Back to being a vampire.

I pretend to drink blood, but it is really cranberry juice. It just looks good! Whenever I have my photograph taken, I hold my hands like claws around my face to make me look more vampiric, but I didn’t do that on my passport photo, and I love Halloween.

I can’t fly on my own accord, but have been able to levitate for several seconds at a time which has been noticed by other people. This has actually happened to me in real life too when I played football once – I spent more time flying through the air than I did actually standing up because I kept tripping over the opponents. (I’m sure the few who went to watch thought I was flying.) I’m a better vampire than I am a football player.

When I’ve had too much of a ‘certain kind’ of cranberry juice and slept it off a while, I don’t like bright lights then. My head sometimes feels a bit strange, and I occasionally have a little memory loss. Luckily, that doesn’t happen very often.

I like a nice steak every now and then (had to get that one in… being a vampire I have a great sense of humour- I’ve lost count of the number of times my jokes have been lost on people!), and I love to eat out. I can be a bit of a messy eater, but the people I’m with don’t tend to mind. They haven’t said anything to me anyway!

But most of all, I love to have fun. I can’t be doing with being boring, sitting behind a desk all day looking at a computer screen.

I’m back to being me now – the human me, not the vampire. There isn’t really that much difference in the end, only I like the confidence that comes with being the vampire. I may just borrow that aspect of my vampire personality. In fact, I think I’ll imagine me as something else, and see which aspect of that personality I like, and borrow that too. Bit by bit I’ll improve my own personality, which can’t be bad. I think I’ll try being a werewolf next…

9 Comments on “If I were a vampire…

  1. I think…I don’t…I can’t…I can’t figure out what do with this post. I want to comment something really insightful and intelligent so you will think me to be an insightful and intelligent person, but the fact is that I’m just not that smart. I walked away from this post, only to be flooded with so many conflicting emotions that I almost had to stop what I was doing for cry. May I share with you a dirty little secret? I too, have been a vampire – actually three different vampires – and many of these feelings are long buried but shades are stored in my body’s memory – my eyes, my teeth, my stomach, my finger tips. I enjoyed these times as vampires, but in every case there was a…casual evil, a “casual brutality” and a casual insatiable hunger that went with it every time. You are lucky that you were the kind of vampire who could see the sunlight – I never could. I missed it, sometimes ached for it. Always, I was a monster, outside human life, stripped from that very human love. And the hunger, the hunger was never ending. Coming back to human life was a relief, not shying away from the sun, from laughter from humans without wanting to bury my fangs into throats. Sometimes I still catch flickers in my eyes of memories of those vampires that I was once – predatory, waiting, patient. I feel as a human, a bit…flawed by these self-imagines, re-creations and alternate re-incarnations.
    Thanks. I almost….I almost forget those lessons learned. As a human, I was already flawed, so what is few more?


  2. Haha! No worries, it was…good for me. I mean, sometimes we seek out cartharsis and sometimes cartharsis seeks us out, yes?


  3. If you have not done so, you should read some of the Sooky Stackhouse vampire books. Eric and Bill are pretty yummy vampires, and there are werewolves too 🙂

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    • Do you know, Raili, I haven’t yet read any of those books, and you aren’t the first person to recommend them to me. I really should start to listen, shouldn’t I?

      I shall hunt them out! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

          • That’s the one. My now adult man-child told me it’s just about vampires having sex with humans and intimated it was not suitable for me to watch – lol (maybe that’s why he did) To my surprise I found the books surprisingly entertaining and ended up, to my surprised surprise, reading the whole series. Of course, as in most novels, there are some salacious bits strewn here and there too.

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