Just Because.

With Respect. Condolences. And Comfort.

We WILL get there.


  1. A hippy and an American Indian are walking together when they see a brave run up to a cave, shout “Whoo Whoo!” and getting a “Whoo Whoo” in response.

    The brave dumps his clothes and runs into the cave.

    “What’s all that about?” Asks the Hippy.

    “It is mating season,” His friend explains, “The woman sits in the cave and if she likes the brave she calls back to him and he then knows she’s willing.”

    Got to try this!!! Thinks the Hippy.

    He leaves his friend behind and finds a large cave and shouts: “Whoo Whooo!!!”

    To his delight he gets a “Whoo Whoo!” in return, strips off and runs into the cave.

    It was all over the papers the next day: “NAKED HIPPY KILLED BY TRAIN”… πŸ˜‰

    God Bless!!!


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  2. Thank you Tom….poignant tribute….somehow that tunnel feels dark in ways that I have not experienced before but you are right and all of us must move forward focussing on the light now. Focussing on the darkness that is determined to permeate every area of our lives and makes us slaves to fear is no good for us all. And “We are not Afraid…”

    Stay strong in the light and keep up the encouragement for those of us who do not feel quite so strong at this time….Tom…Bearer of the Light πŸ™‚

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