To pot add lock of hair and quart of grain
Stir and watch the blue steam billow
Then after a period of ten minutes lain
Blend in the blade of grass and sprig of willow
Vigorously boil for ten minutes more
Then filter out the nasties
Into tiny vials the liquid pour
To the shoulder to be classy
Spin each vial ‘til a wisp is seen
Of blue smoke, this is aether,
Quickly place the bung when it turns green
Then reflect on things that please you
Close the circle that you have used
To bridge the gap between dimensions
Dark wraiths will attempt to barge through
And we don’t want that situation!
Allow the vials to sit and rest
Making sure you aren’t too keen
As the concoction works at its best
On the night of Hallowe’en.


This, I feel needs a little explanation. Only a little one, mind! OK, two then. Quite a lot of my story posts tend to be left without an ending, so I can return to them when I feel the time is right. For a change, I thought I’d write something without a beginning, but most definitely has an end! That’s a quirky trick, if ever there was one.

I couldn’t fit ‘fin’ in, no matter how I tried, but I did manage to use it in the end at the end as the end. Well, why not!?


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