October is fast approaching, so it’s new theme time once again! After the Serenity of September, we now go over to the realms of Halloween. I can feel my Inner Monsters, Zombies and even Fangers (my Inner Typist – he’s Fingers for the other eleven months of the year but his spelling is shocking) stirring, desperate to be unleashed for another month of utter Halloween madness. I can only apologise! So, October’s theme simply had to be:

Trick or Treat

If you so wish to use the theme for one or more of your posts during October, here are all the details you need:

There aren’t any rules actually, just a few guidelines:

  • Write a post (or more, if your imagination is well and truly fired!) based on the theme I provide. The post can take any form / genre / length you choose.
  • Link your post to the post on this blog (Beyond the Sphere) that introduces the theme for the month (so basically, THIS POST for October’s theme!)
  • Visit other bloggers who take part, and read their interpretation of the theme.
  • And that’s it! Oh, and if you could pass the word on, that would be lovely. The more the merrier after all!

And have fun! Mwahahaha ha!!!

The Pingback Gremlins are still doing their bit and keeping hold of their favoured Pingbacks in MOST cases, although they are letting some through… so we’ll just have to get along with what we can for now!


  1. Halloween – when kids create havoc demanding cash instead of treats and make your life hell if you don’t shell out!!!

    What is the money spent on?

    Round here it’s drugs… 😦

    God Bless!


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  2. Enjoy my frightening photograph I took at a costume Halloween store in my town. The displays looked very professional. No costume for me just fun playing with the masks with hubby. We could be certifiable.
    Boo – Fun …!!! 👻 😈 👺
    Isadora 😎
    p.s. No one goes trick or treating from house to house here. They go to the mall where the costumed shop owners hand out candy. No one comes to our home because we live in an isolated area. We always decorated our home up north. It was a fun creative project and everyone enjoyed taking photographs on the piles of hay we’d add. ~~~ : – )

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