Well… here goes nothing! Or everything!

Apparently, we in the UK have been blocked from accessing WordPress servers due to a blog that someone had created that had infringed WordPress’ terms of service and had been flagged by the Internet Watch Foundation.

Problem found, and with things getting back to normal, access should greatly improve over the next few days and steps are being taken to ensure this type of problem doesn’t happen again.

There was a similar glitch last year, so only time will tell, but for now all we can do is move forward.

Or try to, as in my case.

We’ll see shortly if this post posts, but I’m still having the issue of not being logged in when I visit sites that don’t have wordpress in their web addresses; this may be linked to the ISP blocking problem or it may be a different problem, I’ll have to see how things go over the next few days.

I’ve ‘put up’ with things for a couple of weeks now and haven’t complained that much at all, I must say. Hardly a word has been typed regarding the issues at hand.

So, as I started to say in my last post, I’m back. Once again… although I did fall down another hole to get here!

It’s as though I’m walking across a giant Snakes and Ladders board, where the snakes and ladders have all been hidden; so one minute I find myself climbing upwards with great speed, and in the next minute I find myself slipping back down again with no rhyme, reason or warning.

Hopefully from now on, I’ll find the ladders every time!

Which will mean that my ‘proper’ posts will start again very shortly. We’ll see!

POST EDIT 21:44 29/07/13

I’ve stepped on another snake, and once again have found myself in the depths of the darkest murky corner of the darklands of cyberspace, with no access to the blog. Hopefully this update will get through, Live Writer works wonders at times. My proper posts on the other hand, may be something of a distant dream.

See you all soon.

31 thoughts

  1. Welcome back TL….I spoke with WP the other about problems I was having and the first question he asked me was are you from the UK? You guys are famous. I guess a great many of you were without for a spell. Anyhow, glad you are back. Enjoy your week and stay happy…VK


  2. ah, Sir Aquatom, Snakes and Ladders it is, Just ‘cos we is British then? Why not just deal with the infringer and leave the rest of us alone methinks? Or is that too simplified?
    For the time being I’m schtum, no ideas, nothing coming to mind, mayhap I need a holiday/break/hole to climb into. I hope you find your way out of the murky depths toot sweet, with ideas aplenty and the ability to post 😉 take care xPenx


    1. Apparently so, Lady P.
      If we type https:// before the web address to the ones we can’t access, we then can access them. Very strange. But only the ones with wordpress within them, it would seem.
      Hope you have a fab idea or two yourself!


  3. Sounds familiar! 😦

    One infringer – punish the entire UK!!! 😦

    Thanks for the heads up though! 🙂

    Here’s hoping this one posts…

    God Bless!



    1. And those who pass through, Prenin, it seems.
      A botched job sprung to mind when I read what had occurred.
      Hopefully the troubles will start to ease now though. There’s been enough time anyway!!!


  4. I’m wondering the same thing as Pen…the WHOLE of UK to find ONE infringer?!? Seriously!! Hrrumph….there must be a better way than this!
    I’m glad things seem to be looking up…and I hope the snakes take their leave and the ladders come out of hiding!!


      1. Yes to ladders!!!!

        I think they need to find a replacement to whomever suggested the suggestion to muck up EVERYONE’S internet just to catch one guy..:P


        1. Maybe ‘they’ thought it would work as a warning to us all.
          You know, keeping us inline and all that.
          Still, Shree, in keeping with the ladders theme… Onwards and Upwards!!! 😀


    1. Tilly, it’s been terrible!
      For some reason not everyone is affected, and some have been more than others.
      Frustrating to say the least… but I keep on trying!


    1. I think it’s far more complicated than it needs to be, LA.
      And far too prolonged now as well. Sigh.
      And thanks… I hope it’s sorted soon as well (still ongoing at the moment!)


  5. I don’t know if you have heard but Windows Live Writer is not going to be around much longer either, why is it that when a programme that has been tried and tested by thousands of users suddenly loses its worth? My motto is if it isn’t broken then why fix it?

    I have no idea what will replace Windows Live Writer, if anything but I surely hope that someone comes to their senses and develops it further, put it this way it doesn’t work on Windows 8 so perhaps its lifespan is slipping down one of your snakes faster than I thought 😦

    It is great to see you back in my Space
    again Tom and you are welcome anytime 🙂



    1. Eek… that means I will have to be more creative when it comes to blogging, Andro. I like Live Writer because it is so easy to use… perhaps an even better replacement will come along. Well we can hope!!! Maybe someone who creates OpenSource software may come up with something.
      I’ve been having a few problems of late accessing WordPress, but things seem to be a lot better now, so I shall be around more often!


      1. Yes let us hope that the Live Writer is not discarded, it is a very useful resource and many users enjoy the simplicity of using it, I know that I have enjoyed it.

        Thank you for calling in and adding your thoughts to my scripts Tom, like you I am behind on commenting, indeed my visits have been far and few between on almost all of my friends Spaces but I will be back on track soon 🙂

        Have a wonderful Tuesday my fine and wicked great friend and do keep adding to your brilliant Space Tom 🙂



        1. Thanks, Andro. And I agree about Live Writer!
          I pop by to your space when I can, and would like to try to get around to the blogs I follow more regularly, but I’m always defeated by time! I’ll sort a fail safe visiting method one day!
          And yes, I will continue to add the odd post or two here as well!
          Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


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