Here I was, happily replying to comments when I came across one from my extremely good, and gracious, friend The Laughing Housewife, AKA Tilly Bud. A present? For me? I thought. Tilly did mention that it was my birthday, which I’d almost forgotten. I’d have gotten away with it too …

Sorry… I’ve still got the mysteries on my mind.

As soon as I read Tilly’s comment I dropped everything and flew over to her blog quicker than a click of a mouse button. It’s amazing how quickly you can travel to different countries in Blogland… however Tilly only lives down the road, but I still got there just as quick. Tilly’s excellent present was a nonsense birthday poem, set to a rapping rhythm.

Now, it may come as a surprise to find that I’m not much of a rapper. I’m not much of a singer either, come to think of it, but I sing better than I rap. I think. I haven’t actually tried to rap, and now maybe a little too old to start.

But, Tilly has been very kind and provided instructions for her rap, as to how to sing it, and the reason each part is so different from the others is because it reflects the fluid and subtle changes that occur in my blog from time to time…

Here followeth the instructions, and theneth the title, and finallyeth the rap:

  • Read it out loud to a rapping rhythm
  • Take a breath after the first stanza, to allow for the change in rhythm
  • Rush through ‘dotwordpress’ on the last line, or it won’t sound right.

For You!You!You! you you!

His name is Tom with the prefix ‘Aqua’
Read his blog; you’ll enjoy some laughter
You won’t need gin or wine or vodka

He’s a really nice bloke
And he likes to make a joke
But he also does bespoke

Christmas headers for this Tilly
In return I give this silly
Rhyme from a grateful filly

His name is Aqua with the suffix ‘Tom’
If you’d like to give him a birthday balm
See wellheregoesdotwordpressdotcom

It is only fair that I reply in kind. So, here goes my one (and probably only) time at writing a rap (it’s probably best read whilst holding your fingers and thumbs in the way that rappers do)…

In a one, one, two,
I had to do, do, do,
A rap, yeah
Rap, yeah
I had to do a rap, yeah,
A thank you rap
With beat and tap
And a yeah, yeah here,
And a do do there,
I had to do a rap,
Rap yeah
A thank you Tilly Bud rap, yeah
So here it is,
Thanks, yeah
A do, do, do
Thanks, yeah…
Rappin’s bad yeah
Tilly Bud;
Bad, yeah… A do, do, do
Bad’s good, yeah?
A do, do, do
There, there, there…
But thanks, yeah…!
A do, do, do

Tilly, I am awfully sorry, and apologise with the most immense apology I can muster. My Inner Rapper has been sent away, hopefully to never return; but thank you for my birthday rappy poem.

26 thoughts

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Hope it’s a rappening happening that’s . . .

    Memory making
    Picture taking
    Age faking
    Birthday caking.

    And all that JAZZ!!! 😀

    ***JAZZ HANDS***


  2. Happy Birthday T….I missed that. When was it? And how old are we now? Hope the mansion gave you a great party! Have a happy….VK


    1. Thanks, VK, it’s today (13th March) and I’m a whole year older than I was yesterday… in number anyway. I don’t feel any different, truth be told. And… the Mansion is just about to let me into the Party Room.


  3. Happy Birthday Tom! 🙂

    I hate rap music as it tends to talk to me and make me do bad things… 🙂

    God Bless and have a great day!!! 🙂



  4. Hi Tom, I finally decided to pop into wordpress for a bit today and saw its your birthday, so I’d like to send you a big warm Happy Birthday wish that you have a great day and all the best the whole year through.
    (love your rap song Tom lol)


  5. ROFL! (not literally sitting at the clinic!) ..ahem. First of all..Tilly’s rap was pretty rapping good! Your reply was totally awesome and what made it even more awesome was this:
    And a yeah, yeah here,
    And a do do there,
    Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!! May ALL your wonderful dreams come true and may you record your rap to share with us all! Hehehee….ok…that was a joke …about recording the rap, unless you want to..then it would be awesome 😛


      1. Oh..never ever say you’re sorry for making someone laugh (in a good way that is!). I really doubt music would be banned if you recorded your rap! Uhm….though some of the music I’ve heard these days would serve humanity well by being banned..hehe


  6. Belated birthday wishes, Sir Aquatom, (strewth….I didn’t think I’d been away for so long, I kept hitting ‘previous’ so often I thought I’d gone back in time)… If’n I had, how old are you now?… OK.. don’t answer that… ‘cos I aint telling neither… 😉 …

    hi Sir T,
    please forgive me,
    taint my fault
    ’tis family,
    fillin’ ma time
    with their junk
    finally left
    in a blue funk.
    Cough!! er…using ‘attitude with gestures.. (which ones?… never you mind)… xPenx


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