Aristotle told me

Hope is the dream of the waking man.

No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.

The soul never thinks without a picture.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

That’s not Aristotle’s mouth, by the way. It’s mine. Well, not mine, exactly, but my interpretation of one. Aristotle also said “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”, which I accidentally achieved with the crooked teeth appearance, although this isn’t what Aristotle was actually meaning in this quote.

In this case, the mouth represents the quotes, and the quotes represent not their words, but rather their inward significance. Also highlighting the fact that everything comes full circle.

Aristotle also mentioned that, in a round about way…

12 Comments on “Aristotle told me

    • My soul certainly isn’t as well, Icewolf… which was why I posted this random post! A little madness does wonders every now and again, I find!


  1. I like that quote! Each line is very true. Sometimes I get a little scared that the pictures in my mind / imagination is the work of the ego and not the heart…though I have been told to trust…but how to fully trust when at the back of my mind…I wonder if it’s my ego?


    • Hmmm… ego makes you feel better or worse than something or someone else, doesn’t it Shree? I hope I’ve got that right… and things from the heart just feel good and feel right. I’d say, if what you’re seeing in your mind’s eye feels good, it is. If you have feelings of an ulterior motive attached, then it’s ego. Give up the need to trust, and just trust your feelings.

      I don’t know what I’ve read over the last few days, but I’m certainly speaking in riddles of late… or so it seems it does…


    • Ah, sorry about that, Maire. I like to mix up my posts every now and then with something a little more ‘deep’ than usual.
      I hope things are more settled for you now.


  2. now and again I feel slightly mad, and hope that I aint… (just a hint … like a finely seasoned dish) erm.. not that I’m likening myself to anything to be eaten… or mayhap I am?…. No,… that way lies madness… So, … I’ll go this way then?… xPenx
    (glad the piccie wasn’t a depiction of your lips Sir Aquatom, ’twas slightly disturbing to think of you with a Marilyn Monroe pout )


    • Apparently, they say that if you think you’re mad, you’re not, but if you don’t think you are, you are. Although, Pen, who exactly ‘they’ are who say it escapes me right now.
      Thinking of yourself as a finely seasoned dish is fine with me… at times, I see myself as a hot, steamy curry (and that isn’t a nice thought I hasten to add) In fact, I do have a Marilyn pout after a hot steamy curry… and that look certainly goes with my Doris Day hair!!!


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