“A-coochie-coochie-coochie-coochie-coo!” giggled Athena in between blowing raspberries at the small baby on her lap. The baby gurgled and laughed back amiably.

“Hera. Look at what you have caused.” Zeus said once again, rolling his eyes at the racket that was coming from the other chariot.

“For what is the fiftieth time, husband, it was not I” Hera was not amused. She recalled the moment they left the Lap: “Athena was enraged because the author Gerald had written a piece about us Olympians that wasn’t exactly the truth. He described us as being distant, aloof, and mere observers.”

She stroked her hair, which was soaked through due to the storm they had travelled through to get to their current location, and which still raged now. She sighed.

“I wasn’t very pleased because my hairdryer had broken – I should really have had the foresight that that was actually a timely message, but I ignored it, and went with Athena to stop her from unleashing her fury on the mortal. Aphrodite was also annoyed because she’d spilled butter down her clean chiton. That too was a timely message we ignored – looking at the state of all three of us now.”

A strike of lightning startled Gerald, causing him to start to cry. “There, there, there, there, there, there…” Athena blew another raspberry which instantly calmed the baby again.

Apollo lifted a blanket from the back of the chariot he was sitting in, uncovering a sleeping Ethel and Jean, Gerald’s Gran and Mother. The raindrops on their faces gently woke them.

“Blimey, what a dream.” Ethel yawned and then looked around confused. “Ooh ‘eck – where are we?”

Jean too was confused. “I remember a head. Broken glass. I’ve got a headache…”

Aphrodite looked at Apollo sternly. “Why did you bring the mortals?” she asked, slightly louder than the whisper she intended.

“Ooh, hello Aph – are you here too?” Ethel asked Aphrodite, “do you mind me calling you Aph or would you prefer Andromeda?”

“Eh?” Aphrodite thought for a moment, and quickly said “Oh, Aph’s fine.”

“Well I’m Ethel,” Ethel replied, “Not Myrtle. Myrtle’s my friend who lives in Green Street.”

“Myrtle? I have no idea what you are meaning?” Aphrodite was baffled. Apollo smiled broadly, but wasn’t going to help her.

“Myrtle’s my friend” Ethel went on, but she was speaking a little slower to Aphrodite. “I’m… Ethel… not… Myrtle…!”

“Yes… I… know…” Aphrodite couldn’t help herself.

Apollo stood up in the front seat ready to step down from the chariot.

“Ooh, Jean!” Ethel shrieked. “He’s got nothin’ on but a skimpy towel. In this weather. He’ll catch his death. The others aren’t dressed properly either. And neither are we. Why are we outside?”

Jean looked at Athena with Gerald.

“I don’t know Mum, but I think she’ll be able to tell us.”

“Who? Oh, Ethel. Yes – she had some kind of fixation on Gerald when she was at the apartment earlier. You go and find out Jean, and I’ll see if this strapping young man can tell me anything.” Ethel smirked.

“Mother!” Jean stepped down from the chariot and started walking over to the battered one where the other Ethel was sitting with her son.

Where Confusion left off, confusion continues! This is the next part in my Legendary Circles storyline. Previous parts of the tale can be found by clicking on the links in the Storylines menu, or the previous part can be found by clicking the first link in this paragraph. The next part will be along shortly!

19 thoughts

    1. Zeus and Apollo picked them up at the same time they picked Gerald up, before the end of the last part, Shree. It wasn’t written into the part, however, as it ended with Apollo showing the Goddesses the baby. I’ll probably write how they were picked up in a future part – the timelines in this tale are all over the place anyway!


  1. It makes a change from the Tardis Tom
    and I wonder what else you will be adding? 🙂

    Have a great weekend 🙂



  2. Great Post Tom… 🙂

    Hope you are Well ? ??? as Ive not seen your good self around and about… Wishing you a warm Weekend… and hope this Snow that is forcasts comes to take the rest away… Hugs Sue xox


    1. Thank you, Sue.
      I’m very well, thanks for asking! 🙂 I’ve took a few (how many!?!) days off from blogging, and I’m gradually get back into it again now…
      And this snow! Tonight it was extreme snow. Driving snow. Heavy and sharp. Hope it clears up soon!


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