Look back with pride

Experience the now

The fabulous journey ahead

Feel good!

Look for the positive. Be happy. Be open. Be welcoming. Be ready. Change is all around us, and change is also within us. If we want better, be better. Only we can do it!


  1. This was a nice post to read and complemented what I recently wrote about in my own. And you’re right–WE are the ones that determine what happens in our life (barring the unforeseen tragedies, of course). Great optimism. Love it!


  2. Agreed! Yet there are times when the feeling that there is SO much to change and do within ones self it’s just…well..that word where you’re all at once in awe + tired.


    1. Too much of anything can be a little overwhelming, I suppose Shree… but I don’t think you could have too much of being in the moment – everything becomes one and nothing at the same time! Gah – my description is still terrible, but I hope you get what I mean! 🙂


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