Well, here we are! 21st December 2012. Welcome to my Mansion, and welcome to my Blog Party! Feel free to join in with the comments and chat away with other bloggers! Help yourself to nibbles and drinks, and hopefully others will be along soon!

I recently ran a poll to try to help me to decide how to decorate the blog for the party, depending on the theme that got the most votes. December 21st was the theme that got the most votes, so that is the theme of the party. Well, it couldn’t really be anything else could it?

Why today? Why not!

There is a lot going on today. The Mayan Calendar reaches the end of its latest Long Count, a complex calendar system that baffles me completely. Apparently, the number 13 is used quite a lot, and the end of this cycle marks the beginning of the thirteenth cycle, which the Mayans would have considered a time of great change. A time that they would have whole-heartedly celebrated.

The end of this Long Count has become twisted over the years, with doomsayers calling it the end of the world. I’ve played along with this for the past few weeks, and have been advertising this blog party as an End of the World celebration. Well, if the world was coming to an abrupt end, we can’t do anything about it anyway. Push those thoughts to one side and celebrate anyway!

Celebrate as though it’s New Year… which it kind of would have been to those ancient Mayans. I suppose it would have been like one of their Millennia. Remember that party a few years ago? I do…ish…!

Today also marks the Winter Solstice, at 11:11. The time that the days will start to get longer again (here in the north anyway!). Celebrate mid-Winter, and bring in an early Spring! And hopefully a dry, sunny Summer!

That last few paragraphs cover three of the themes I am holding this party for: the end of the world, as some believe the end of the calendar is the end of time (let that thought go, I tell you!); new beginnings, as, like at New Year, things can start again (and with this being a time of great change new beginnings fits in very nicely); and spectacular solstice, simply to celebrate solstice day.

The other theme was completely different, but still connected on a Universal level: Yay! Betelgeuse survived for another year! The star Betelgeuse, in the Orion constellation, is due to go supernova sometime in the next million years or so… no definite timescale, but hey ho! The party is to celebrate the fact that that didn’t happen this year! Yay!

But the main theme of the party is December 21st.

The main point of the party is connections. Use the comments to this post to add links to your favourite posts on your blog, or on blogs you visit.

A side part (I’m not going to talk about hair in this post!) is for links to posts created using a few ‘themes’ I have been suggesting over the last few weeks. Just for a bit of fun, the themes were ‘the fun side to a bad hair day’ (OK, I’ll mention it briefly); ‘dashing through the snow’; and ‘the passing of time’. A final theme, ‘new’ I’ve added to the list today. If you’ve time, and would like to participate in these writing challenges, just write a post using one or all of the themes on your blog, and link to it using the comments to this post. Not that you have to, of course!  No pressure!

Hopefully, we’ll meet some new bloggers, have fun, and celebrate December 21st in style!

Please comment if you so wish, even if you haven’t commented here before. We’re all a friendly bunch of people who frequent this Mansion of the Mind of mine… if you get the message advising your comment requires moderating (or whatever it says) it may be because I’m in the bathroom – I tend to be there quite a lot (have a read of some of my earlier posts to find out what I mean!) but fear not… I shall be along and allow you in in no time!

If you can, add a link to a favourite post on a friend’s blog. Or more than one, but you may find yourself getting the same moderator message as before due to multiple links in the same comment (I’m still learning WordPress and that’s one of the things I need to work on!).

Also, if you’ve created your own post based on one of my fine suggestions above, add a link to that here as well!

And, obviously, visit other commenter’s blogs as well.

Connections and new beginnings. On the day of the solstice, December 21st 2012. A mighty fine combination in anyone’s eyes. Read, post, have fun, and celebrate the day in style.

Welcome to my blog.
Contrary to what it says in the title, it isn’t all about Me! Me! Me me me! Some of it is, obviously, but not all. It’s about feeling good. And we can feel good by celebrating.

So go on… celebrate! I’ve started already!

And remember… FEEL GOOD now!

10.30 Addendum:
Still here! Hope you’re having a good day.
Just wandering around Blogland, as you do, and have come across these fabulous posts:

Fiona at Me, Mine and Other Bits has posted I Feel Fine, and some great music!

Tinman, at Worth Doing Badly, has posted They Think It’s All Over, which provides some insightful clues at to what really happened when the Mayan calendar was created.

Elaine at I Used To Be Indecisive has posted Well I’m Still Here Then which includes a couple of fun cartoons to celebrate today.

Tilly Bud at The Laughing Housewife has added some further music in her post So Long, and Thanks for all the Hits.

And, slightly outside of the Blogosphere, Google are celebrating the end of the calendar with a special doodle:

11:11 Update:

Still here. And here’s the proof:


Still here at 11:16 too! Yay! Celebrate!

11:30 Latest Update:
Visionkeeper at One World Rising has posted Welcome to the New Earth! VK is also throwing a party; click here to visit!

Update at 19:00 (give or take a minute or few!)
Diane Henders
 has posted End Of The World, and she has also taken up my little writing challenges! I had a good laugh with her interpretation of bad hair!

Sue Dreamwalker has written of New Beginnings in her post today.

Nancy at Spirit Lights The Way has posted A Not-So-Commercial Commercial on her blog today. It’s a wonderful world! Nancy has also posted, in the comments, a link to her fabulous scone recipe in her post Holiday Tea Party.

Frank at A Frank Angle has celebrated today with his normal routine, with one of his Opinions in the Shorts posts. Frank is also throwing a Festive blog party beginning on Christmas Eve… and he invites all of the readers of my blog to attend. Go and pay him a visit over the Christmas period if you have time!

21:30ish Update

Reports are filtering through that… YES! It has been confirmed by Jo Bryant in New Zealand that December 22nd has arrived! We were right all along, and WE SURVIVED THE END OF THE WORLD! Now, do we need another reason to celebrate? Of course not… but celebrate anyway! Jo is a really good photographer with a ‘thing’ for a couple of supernatural boys… Jo’s latest post is rather a surprise, so go and have a look using this discreet link… and prepare to be surprised! But be warned…!

96 thoughts

  1. When you put an end of the world party
    together you really know how to thrill 🙂
    Of course talking of wicked parties and
    ideas I have added something that could
    be of interest, well maybe? 🙂 lol


    If you enjoy a bit of porno
    then call into my extra pages
    Don’t worry there is a funny
    twist to this request but for
    you to find out what that is…

    You will have to call in to watch
    Have a wicked rest of evening…

    I do hope that your end of the world party
    blog gets everyone into the mood for a bit,
    noooooo I mean a bit of blogging fun 🙂

    Merry Christmas Tom and
    well done on this fine posting 🙂



  2. Hey Tom! I just posted this on my site since we are all gonna party hop together tomorrow or today depending on local! Honored to have fun with you! Happy 12.21.12 everyone!


    1. Timezones confuse me, CM.
      I take it I’m a little earlier timewise than you are, so therefore this post posted on 211212 wasn’t.
      Ah well… it was near enough! See you later! 😀


    1. It won’t end, Andra.
      It’s a new beginning, so you can enjoy your Oreo, Canada, the snow, the Queen, Boxing Day… and everything else with vigour!
      I love the word vigour… but the WordPress spellchecker thingy doesn’t! Hehehe – but that’s not the end of the world! 🙂


  3. Hi Everybody!

    I’m glad to see the world hasn’t ended over in the UK yet, so there’s still hope for us over here in Canada. I brought virtual brownies – I hope everybody likes chocolate. If not, have some virtual shortbread instead. It’s so easy to bake virtual goodies!

    I just popped in to say hi before I go to bed – I’ll be back “tomorrow” (in about 12 hours or so) with a link to my Dec. 21 blog post.

    Eat, drink, celebrate! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Diane… I love virtual brownies. I love virtual anything, actually! 😉 Shortbread is fine as well!
      No, the world hasn’t ended… still here! 11:11 is the time though!
      Look forward to your link!


  4. I’m glad the world didn’t come to an end, of course I knew all along that it wasn’t.
    I’ve got some champagne and fine chocolates I brought for you and your guests…so help yourself.
    Where the keg…I want a cold beer?…Oh, there it is!….ahhhh, that hit the spot!
    Tom, you really got have parties more often!…so much fun!
    Hey, once again, my friend!….Merry Christmas!


  5. Wooohooooo!!! 🙂

    Globalthermonuclear greetings!!! 🙂

    So the world hasn’t ended – boy are there going to be a lot of survivalists with egg on their face!!! PMSL!!!

    I have no nibbles (damned diet!) but I have a few cans and I’m celebrating my survival for yet another millennium!!! 🙂

    Rock and Roll my friends – it’s a Fresh Start!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



  6. Just discovered that the end of the world is supposed to happen at 11.11am and it’s 8:02am here so I guess I won’t be celebrating JUST yet! 🙂

    Actually this adds spice to the day although the TV pundits are saying it definitely won’t happen.

    Spoilsports!!! LoL!!!

    The Shamans are working their magic to make the world survive so if we’re still here at 11.12am, then I guess they can declare their hard work a success!!! 😉

    Can’t wait for dawn: It’s been a dark, wet and dismal night so far… 😦

    God Bless!



    1. Celebrate anyway, Prenin… I’m sure it would have been 11:11 somewhere in the world by now! I wasn’t expecting the world to end… and it can’t anyway – I have things to do tomorrow! 😀


  7. It’s a sleepy 4 a.m. here in old Vermont, cold, snowy and the wind is howling. I have to wait until 6:11 to find out if my world ends over here or not 🙂 Not that I ever thought it would. heck no, it’s the beginning of our freedom from slavery!!! I shall return again to let you know if I am still here in 3D or whether I made it to 5D or not. Here’s hoping! Happy 21st T…..VK


  8. Hey Tom! Happy end of the world party! I was going to share Tinman’s post but you beat me to it. If we’re still here at 11:14, I’m going to reblog it.

    I left Spud in bed this morning, his first day of the Christmas holidays. The end of the world is scheduled for 11:13 today; I thought he might as well sleep through it. You know how grumpy teenagers are about being woken up during an apocalypse.

    Thanks for mentioning my post 😀


    1. A pleasure, Tilly! And yes, I enjoyed Tinman’s post today!
      I was under the impression it was 11:11, the time of the Solstice, but ancient prophecies and the like have a tendency to get a little altered over time, don’t they?!
      I remember being a teenager back in 1309… I slept through the apocalypse back then, so Spud will probably do the same! 😀


  9. Came by to see what you have for muchies here T….And to see who’s hanging here to usher in the new world….Boy, there are so many doors on this mansion I wasn’t sure which one to come in..I got lost in some library type room but found a stairway behind the bookcase. Looking for the party room. Where is it? VK


    1. It’s everywhere, VK!
      It sounds like you are in the East Wing somewhere by the description of the room – but don’t ask me where!!!
      This post is the main hub for comments, and I’ll keep updating it with, erm, updates throughout the day… but the munchies… they must be around here somewhere…


      1. Oh! I found them!!! My goodness T…A crown Rib Roast and a stuffed pig over the spit fire! Wow you out did yourself. Love the steamed shrimp…Yum!!! I’ll try to find my way to wherever you are when I’m done stuffing myself. I’ll just keep singing loudly and eventually you’ll hear me i hope….VK


  10. Cheers Tom from Cincinnati where chaos reigns. Oh the carnage of it all. The wind is blowing, snow has fallen, some are without power …. unquestionably, the end is near! I think its payback for me posting my normal routine.

    I’ve been planning a party starting on Christmas Eve, but with trembling grounds, holes in roofs where people have been taken away, who will remain to attend? But because all seems well on your side of the pond, hopefully your friends here will drop by.


    1. Hi Frank… Sorry to hear about the weather over there but good to see you here! I’ll update the post later with a reminder of your party (I’m commenting via my mobile at present) thanks for calling by!


      1. I think I may be in end of the world mode despite it not happening! It’s getting more hectic by the day, I’ve missed all my phone calls and will no doubt be seriously in the dog-house-such sins are end of the world quality to some people in my life and warrant severe repercussions! Oh wolf!! The end of the world is definitely nigh in Wolfie world! lol 😉


  11. Good news in Cincinnati as we are reminded of a quote unofficially attributed to Mark Twain: “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always twenty years behind the times.”


    1. We had a comment a bit like that in Belfast yesterday, considering that this’charming’ place was the nest place to be as it’s 50 years behind. I was so impressed, but I should have known Twain got there first 🙂


  12. Remember . . . the Mayans lived in Mexico, not Jolly Old England.
    On the Mayan sundial, it’s not 11:11 a.m. for another few hours yet.

    tick tock tick tock . . .

    In the meantime, party on! 😎


    1. Very true, Nancy!
      I was under the impression that the calculations brought the time to 11:11 UK time, but it makes more sense for it to be Mexican time, doesn’t it! But, as I say there are a lot of 11:11s in a day around the world, so it could refer to any of them. More likely the one in Mexico though… 😀


  13. Hi Tom I’m so pleased not to have missed the party Fun, had a lovely morning so far… and looking at your guest list, it looks as if the party is already swinging… I brought along some home made mince pies and a plate of wobbly jelly its blue and round and represents the Earth…. Lots of little Jelly Babies around the edges representing the People …. I think that should go down well with what ever you have on your Drinks Lists…
    Big Hugs as we get this NEW Earth Party all revved up ….
    Sue 🙂


  14. Well, it’s 15:16 here in the UK and the world hasn’t ended yet (as far as I can tell). I wish I had time to stay at the party for a bit longer, and enjoy more drinks and nibbles, but I have my mum staying with me for the festive season, so I had better get back to her. I’ll pop back again later, if I can – hope some of you are still here! 🙂


  15. Hi, Tom! I’m glad your world hasn’t ended over there and the party is in full swing. It’s only 8:40 AM here (I didn’t realize 11:11 was the magic time), so I guess I’ll have to live in suspense for another few hours. Meanwhile, here’s my End Of The World post:

    I’m hungrily following the aroma of the roasted pig Visionkeeper found – yummy! And you’ve done a lovely job of decorating the Mansion – very festive indeed.

    Happy Solstice!


  16. I’ve got a FABULOUS post for your party guest to visit . . . they can JUDGE the amazing entires in Susanna Leonard Hill’s Pretty Much World Famous 2nd Annual Holiday Contest:

    Link below


  17. Hey, Tom!! Happy End of the World! I love your decorations. Good work. I just popped here from Frank’s. Wishing you the best in our new beginning or whatever the hell this thing is. This is a rockin’ party!


  18. Hey there T….Had a bit of a time navigating over here…Tee hee…too much to drink and i still haven’t got the hang of this astral travel thingy…Almost hit a few trees Trying to get through the front door was touch and go…But I’m here now. I guess i will start to wander and try to find where you guys are. Turn the music up a tad and maybe I’ll hear you…Hope you are having fun and still going strong….VK


    1. Hi VK… hope you can find us soon! 😀
      I tried Astral Travel once but had to return as I was frightened I wouldn’t get back! 😉 I’ll cancel the taxi I’ve sent for you then!


  19. Woo-hoo, we made it through!

    The previous world didn’t make it through, of course, as this current world is obviously a duplicate of the last one, but I’m not going to complain. After all, the Mayans gave us plenty of time to prepare. 🙂

    For anybody who would like to read a couple apocalypse-themed flash fiction stories, scroll down in this post

    for one written by me, and scroll down that same post’s comments for one written by our gracious party host, Tom.

    Happy No-pocalypse!


    1. Very ‘surprising’ Jo! Unexpected even! 😉
      Good to see that the twenty-second arrives! I’ve never communicated with the future before – although, I suppose I must have! Thanks for calling by!


  20. I’m glad this parallel universe is so like the other one- I hate to have wasted all the christmas shopping and visitor prepping.
    Tom, you host a good party- good food, fascinating people- thank you 🙂
    I’m away for some IRL wine now. keep partying!


  21. Dropped in again Tom, Hope that You enjoyed the jelly…I see you popped by VK’s earlier too… I just wish I had more time to stay as I spread myself around gate-crashing everywhere this evening LOL…
    Tom if I dont get chance again, Just want to say Thank you for supporting Dreamwalkers and wishing you a wonderful Christmas Enjoy the Festive Season of Good Will…
    Sue xox


  22. We’re all still here! Yay!

    Oh, wait . . . what if this is all a dream? What if the world already ended (years ago, in 2012) and this “2012” and all its goings on and happenings is just a figment of our imaginations? What if we exist on some other plane or planet entirely? What if we’re about to WAKE UP?

    Aargh . . . I think my head is going to explode. Or implode.
    No doubt about it . . . I’ve confused myself again.


    1. Well, Nancy, I’ve just pinched myself and felt it, so it doesn’t feel like a dream. Unless, of course, I was dreaming about feeling the pinch. Now, I’ve confused myself as well! Which proves it… no matter how bizarre our dreams are, they never feel confused. We’re real! So YAY! 😀


    1. I’m in Cheshire, Elspeth, so I think that’s GMT… but we have different weather to the rest of England, we may as well have a different time zone as well! Not to worry though… the 22nd is on its way in!!! 😀


  23. Hey, Tom and Gang:

    Wow, great party, guys. I’ve been sort of hanging out around the ceiling watching the fun and thought I’d drop in! So here’s a joke I heard just now. Two Mayan fellows, one is standing and is carrying a bowl. The second is kneeling and working very hard at some stonework. Stone chips are flying everywhere. First fellow says, “The tequila is ready.” Second fellow looks up and says, “Well, I should finish this calendar first, but if I don’t, I guess it’s not the end of the world!” Just came from VK’s blast. Wow, the food and drinks have been unreal, I mean, really unreal. So I’ve brought some Raspberry Crumble for dessert and of course some Bailey’s for coffee making. And if you smell something real nice, I’m making bread for the morning. Tom, love the Mansion. I want one! Love, B.


    1. Hello Barbara… welcome to the Mansion!!!
      Phew – what a day! And it still continues, which is reason to celebrate! I’m rather full right now, but I’ll save some Raspberry Crumble for later… now that we know there is one! 😀
      Fun joke, Barbara, thanks for sharing… and yes… I’m smelling bread. Mmmmmm!


  24. Holy smokes! I missed a party 😦 as usual..well..yes…it appears we did survive the 21st of December though..the question is will we survive this new era??!!??

    Sorry that was me trying to ..well…join in an already way over, finished, nada, zip..gone on…party 😛

    On a more serious note..congrats on throwing a wonderful party!


    1. Yes, we did survive Shree… I always knew that we would though!
      The party was fun – and the good thing about being a blog party is that it can keep on going – until the comments get switched off, that is!
      And thank you, by the way!


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