Warning: This post may have exceeded its daily link quota.

A quick post, this, with just a few links which may come in handy!

Firstly, I’ve noticed that the stats summary page from the dashboard has gone missing. The link isn’t there. I’m not stats-focussed or anything like that, but I do like to compare my stats with this time last year, or the year before and so on from time to time.

I’ve trawled the WordPress help pages, and have come across this link, which will access the stats summary: https://wordpress.com/#!/my-stats/?view=table if you’re logged in to WordPress. You get the log in panel if you’re not logged in.

I think it may have been accidentally removed whilst the dashboards are being repainted with a blue banner across the top.

OK. And now onto other things.

Don’t forget about my blog party on December 21st (as if I’d let you!) – there are links to details down the right-hand side over there, and I’ll be adding the odd reminder between now and then anyway.

I’m not the only one to be hosting a party on that day though. Visionkeeper is also throwing her own soiree, if you’d like to visit that one as well. Click here if you’d like to visit.

Nancy at Spirit Lights The Way has linked to my blog several times recently, so I’d just like to return the favour. She has a nice feel good site, which fits right in with my liking to feel good! Go and check out her site, if you don’t believe me!

I don’t do awards. I appreciate being nominated for them, but that’s as far as I go with them. Maybe one day I’ll change, I don’t know. Until then, I’ll stay as I am. However, my friend Jo Bryant has nominated me for an award after she has been nominated for several herself. I’ve obviously thanked her personally, but wanted to give her a quick shout out radio stylee as well! Click here if you’d like to read Jo’s site – she takes some good photos too!

I’ve just been introduced to CMStewart, who is attending my party on the 21st (Have I mentioned that? More details can be found by clicking here!). CMStewart (CM? CMS? I’ll sort that out later!) has thrown down an apocalyptic flash fiction writing challenge, and will be linking to her tale on the day of the party. If you fancy a writing challenge, click here to get other details from her site).

CMStewart was sent in  my direction by Diane Henders, who is doing a great job in promoting my party. Diane has a good weekly blog too, so click here if you’d like to visit her site as well!

And finally:

Don’t forget that I have a few writing challenges of my own, if you’d like to participate. The themes are random, but meant to be fun:

The fun side to a bad hair day.

Dashing through the Snow.

And my latest one, only because I don’t know where it has gone since I added my last theme, The Passing of Time.

With these themes, write a post (any post; story, rhyme, painting, musical etc.) and add a link to it in the comments of my party post.

It’s all about promotion. And fun! Obviously!


    1. You’re welcome Jo.
      Yes, I saw that photo (or one similar) recently! I thought then that you’d caught the action perfectly. Well done for getting it published!
      Experiencing firsts is always a good feeling, isn’t it?! 😀


  1. Hi Tom thanks for the links I hadn’t noticed but been commenting a lot via email links and phone like right now! Will enjoy visiting in real time lol soon. And looking forward to Monday. My next day off! 🙂 and I hope to be popping into both yours and VKs party on the 21st.
    Have a great hair day today. Very foggy and Icy out. My car hit a patch of black ice and I did a small skid on my untreated estate road this morning. Good job only doing 20mph. So take care out there in Mansion Country. 🙂 Sue


    1. Hi Sue… no fog here, but heavy rain. All day. Mind you, it didn’t start to get light until about 10.30 so it’s not really been that long of a day anyway! Usual hair day today as well, thanks! When it’s usual it’s fine. Not great, but passable! 😀
      Hope you were OK after your skid – they can shake you whatever speed you are travelling at!


  2. If you recall, we met at my party celebrate 1000 … so in my eyes, I have loyalty to your party on that day. BTW … I plugged it today. …. And just letting you know, I’m having a party starting Christmas Eve. … and your friends here are welcome as well!


    1. We did indeed, Frank! Thanks for mentioning my party, I of course remember yours! Pop along on the 21st whenever you have chance, but no pressure!
      I’ll be visiting yours over Christmas, and will pass on your invitation to my visitors in a day or two! 🙂


    1. A pleasure Nancy. I never know what to do with those ping things, so accept others and trash any that I create for myself. I’m still learning this WordPress malarkey, I’ve only been blogging for a couple of years! 😀


  3. I’m not keen on the new look
    and is a pain when trying to view
    my own Space… Ahhh well that
    is progress I guess 😦 It was fine
    before the changes in my opinion 🙂

    Have a great rest of weekend Tom
    and thank you for offering such a
    helpful posting 🙂



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