Aphrodite was green.

Athena’s satnav system had directed the four-horse-drawn chariot directly through the fiercest of storm clouds. Athena and Hera were both ‘sat’ in the front of the chariot, and Aphrodite had the back seat all to herself.

The chariot plummeted, gained height, and flipped over right and left. It was all Aphrodite could do to keep herself inside the vehicle.

The two goddesses in the front seat – which was only intended for one – couldn’t move as they were so tightly squeezed in, although they both had trouble holding onto their respective pieces of equipment; Athena and her direction giving gizmo, and Hera with the horse’s reins. This was her chariot, and there was no way anybody else was going to steer it.

Hera managed to steer the chariot out of the way of a bolt of lightning, just in time.

Aphrodite’s green became a paler shade.

This is the next part in my Legendary Circles storyline.
The previous part can be found here.

17 Comments on “Turbulence

    • You take more time with your writing, than I do, Andra… I tend to throw words together and hope for the best! Maybe I should slow down a little…


  1. hehe..I thought poor Aphrodite was green because she was jealous….guess she was a little sky sick 😉 Waiting for the third part in anticipation!!


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  3. Just one question:

    Athena and Hera were both ‘sat’ in the front of the chariot…

    This implies that they weren’t actually sitting in a seat.
    I don’t get it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They were jostling for the best position on the single front seat of the chariot, Pendantry, so they kind of weren’t actually sitting. It’s been a while since I looked at this story!

      Liked by 1 person

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