Two posts in one today, continuing the Legendary Circles storyline…


Hera took the front seat of the carriage, and took charge of the reins. Aphrodite and Athena had to take the back seat. Athena typed instructions into her satnav.

“This is the way!” Athena said, referring to her satnav’s directions and not their method of travel.

Hera pulled on the reins, and the four magnificent white steeds pulled the carriage out from the garden of the home the Goddesses referred to as the Lap.

They gracefully flew Earthbound, feeling the chill of the cool air around their faces, and the wind through their hair.

They ignored the swirling mass of dark clouds, rumbling thunder and intense lightning that was behind them, a side-effect of them crossing over from their realm which is just outside of our known Universe.

They were on a mission. They were looking for a man. Athena in particular had a score to settle.

She would.



Hell on Earth

Gerald looked out of his bedsit window. He watched the dark clouds swirling overhead. He watched the torrential rain pouring from the very same clouds. He jumped when the thunder rumbled loudly overhead, and listened as it trailed off. He jumped again when there was another clap of thunder. He blinked as fork lightning bolted across the sky in front of him; its brightness emphasised by the pitch blackness of the storm clouds. He looked down at the blank piece of paper on the desk in front of him, and sighed.

Words were definitely not coming easy to him today.


20 thoughts

    1. I think that you are in tune
      with the wickedness of probability 🙂

      Well, something like that anyway…
      Or perhaps it is that great minds
      think alike? 🙂



    2. Perhaps Athena is trying to speak to us?
      Actually Andra, I have no idea. It’s too coincidental to be coincidence, but I experience loads of coincidences everyday it doesn’t surprise me!
      Or, as Andro says, our minds have tuned into the same wavelengths somehow!


  1. A nice intro Sir Aquatom,
    actually I have read the second
    part to this one, and journeyed
    using your link… right to the
    beginning of this story, of which
    is shaping up rather nicely 🙂

    Have fun today 🙂



    1. Thanks once more, Andro.
      I’m travelling back through the posts as well trying o catch up with my replies!
      There are a few parts to this tale dotted about… I’ll have to get a better order in place for them I think!


  2. I know how Gerald feels…except that I have a blank screen…wonder if I have goddessesses lining up to pay me a visit! Hope they make it tomorrow, too tired to entertain them tonight 😉 Hence the Gerald effect kicking in too 😀


    1. Ah, the Gerald effect affects us all, Icewolf. If the Gods and Goddesses visited, we would at least have something to write about then… but until they do, we will simply have to work with – and rely on – our inspiration!

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