Rewriting the Classics… Miss Muffet

Emily trotted into the room with glee. She was only five feet tall, but had a big presence.

She plonked herself down upon her stool and read the slogan on her packet of salt and vinegar crisps:

Delicately flavoured salt and vinegar potato crisps by Curds and Whey” she read aloud. She then thought “Hardly delicately flavoured – my mouth’s burning off!”

Suddenly the hulking figure of her new next door neighbour, who she only knew as ‘Arachnid’, burst into the room, firing a water pistol at her.

In shock, Emily screamed and quickly fled the room, drenched.

Arachnid laughed.

14 Comments on “Rewriting the Classics… Miss Muffet

  1. Well this one took by by surprise at the end. You always surprise me like that. 🙂 😉


  2. How very spider legs of you Tom 🙂 I think that this version
    is definitely worthy of a mention and I hope that you are now
    planning on adding some more of these re-vamped nursery
    rhymes, well there are plenty of them to choose from…



    • There are a few of them around, Andro!
      This was a spur of the moment thing, a bit of an experiment, but I may have a go at another one or two in the near future!


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