A Typist’s Nightmare

This couldn’t have happened at a less opportune moment. When you rely on something, use something everyday, you don’t expect it to just give up the ghost, and stop working exactly as it should do.

Well. It’s happened. And it’s happened to me. Today.

Somebody has come along and messed with the jeys around my keyboard.

Not all of them, but only the oss one or two. Looking at the keyboard, everything looks fine, but the seriousness of the problem becomes apparent when it is being used. And, quite frankly, there is no point having a keyboard if it isn’t going to be used.

You see, the keys look to be in the same place. Qwerty is still there, and the numbers are in order. I still have the € symbol on the 4 jey. But every now and then, I’ll type one character, and a completely sifferent one appears on screen. Sometimes, it doesn’t appear at al.

Luckily, I notice the problem, and manage to correct it, as using the key again types the xorrect character.

I’ve boticed a pattern to the problem, though. It’s as though the keys gave been moved over once to the left, but only occasionally.

For example, if I need to use a single quote mark, a ; appears instead. That time I jeyed the ; key, vy the way. l I used the ; jey afain then too, and k appeared. No it was k. kkkkkkkl! At kast! Oh, I give yp!

What starts iut as a quick post, rurns ibro a kong xomplucated post, due to all of the xorrectiona that are needes.

Abs ur appeara to be gwtting worsw.

Mucg Worsw.

Move Aside From The Keyboard!” Radiates a voice with almost sonic boom qualities within my head. My Inner Controller is on the case. My Inner Controller – the one who remains quiet almost all of the time, but every now and then takes charge. The Inner Controller is the one who says to run when running is needed. The Inner Controller is the one who says sleep when sleep is needed. The Inner Controller is the one who takes ones Inner Typist to one side when a stern talking to is needed.

Fingers, my Inner Typist, is in trouble. I don’t think I’d like to be in his shoes. Gloves. Whatever.

Trying to blame the keyboard indeed.
I’ve had this keyboard for years. It’s wonderful. It has a quirky way of missing characters every now and the, but it is a wireless keyboard. Perhaps something blocks the signal every now and then. We are going through some rather impressive Solar Flares right now (and they’re going through us too!), and they can have an effect on energy. Even letters being transmitted from a wireless keyboard are energy.

So, I’m typing on my own steam for now. Still on the Old Faithful (the keyboard) but I’m not utilising the skills of Fingers. This doesn’t mean, however, that mistakes won’t appear. I’m always making them.

I do wonder, though, in the days when language was being created, if one of the Powers That Be were utilising their inner typist to come up with the words to be used around the world. It would explain why some words are remarkably similar in different languages. Like One, for example. Une in French, as I was reminded by the on-line translator yesterday. Same meaning. Same word in fact. Only different.

20 Comments on “A Typist’s Nightmare

  1. I know what you mean Tom! 🙂

    I have a rather worn keyboard so the A, S H, N,M & L keys are almost unreadable – good job I can touch type!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!



    • Touch typing is something I need to learn, Prenin. My keys are all intact for now, but I have to look at the keyboard when I type. I mean, I know where the keys are, but when I look at the screen and type, what I type isn’t what I’m typing! 😀


  2. wol eem shore i dint knar what thars on aboot aqua lol great post we just make mistakes in andros case every time he types lol but dont tell him i said xxjen HAPPY EASTER


    • Hi Tess… it’s only an image I’ve found on the Google Image Search thingy, I don’t own one of those keyboards. They don’t make them like that anymore! 😀


  3. I can type, but man do I get my share of typos. And they most always occur online…lol
    Have a Happy Easter. Tom!

    Hugs, xx
    ~ the typo queen.


    • 😀
      Hi Deb… typos are good anyway – if they weren’t, we wouldn’t make such a big thing of them! 😀
      Happy Easter to you too, Deb!


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