I’m a Space Man!

It isn’t very often that I get to say things like that in a public place!

No, I’m not a visitor from another planet or anything, although my Inner Alien is already disagreeing loudly with that statement. My Inner Superhero is also quite vocal, which is quite strange (I always thought that my Inner Superhero’s powers were imbued by some kind of Earth substance, like water vapour or something).

What I mean, is that I am fascinated by the Universe. The Cosmos – everything in it! I could dream for years of travelling to wonderful far away worlds, exploring Super Novae, surfing on the tail of a comet (although I’m not sure I would actually be able to do this as I have never surfed – wind or water – before in my life… and web doesn’t count!) or looking into the night sky on Saturn – or Venus.

Speaking of Venus – look into the sky and you can see the planet shining brightly, very close to Jupiter in fact. I hope the two planets are visible from anywhere on Earth, but they look pretty spectacular from my vantage point in the north of the United Kingdom. Both planets will be in this amazing conjunction for a few more weeks, apparently, and will remain visible until May.

Looking at them, they do not twinkle as stars do, and that is how you can tell they are planets. Looking at one of them through binoculars will reveal something else – the four Moons of Jupiter. Unfortunately, I don’t own any binoculars, so I will have to rely on my imagination once again. The images my mind conjures up are probably nothing like the real thing, but they are equally spectacular, I don’t mind saying.

We were treated to another astronomical phenomenon over the weekend. Well, some lucky people dotted around the UK were… I missed it. A meteorite travelled the whole length of the country, crashing, it is believed, into the sea between the UK and France. This was, apparently, a one-off, which means it wasn’t connected to any of the usual meteor showers that we are treated to at various times of the year. Although, I can’t help wondering about this. We’ve had two very close near misses with huge meteors over the past few months, and now this meteorite. Our planet seems to be moving through a rocky part of space right now – but safely, I hope.

Whether I’ll see a meteorite anytime soon remains to be seen. I’ll just have to keep looking out into the night sky during a meteor shower, and I may get to kill two birds with one stone. Hopefully not literally.

16 thoughts on “I’m a Space Man!

  1. Hi Tom,
    I guess even a very tiny meteor can do major damage when it lands here. Luckily that one on the weekend landed in the sea.
    I think your inner alien definitly should get himself some binoculars to see your night sky better.
    Have a wonderful evening.


    • Nikki, I always think of that one that landed in Siberia and flattened all those trees – although I presume it would have to have been a larger meteorite for that damage.
      My Inner Alien is now asking for some binoculars – I’ll have o see what I can do there! 😀
      Thanks for popping by, Nikki!


    • That feeling when you realise what you have done is awful, isn’t it Nikki? Awful in a funny way, once you realise you can’t do a thing about it and post a quick correction instead… 😀


  2. Having occasionally stayed at my grandparents farm during meteor showers I was far enough from city lights to enjoy the stars and the silent streaks as dust enteresd our atmosphere and vapourised.

    My regret is that I was asleep as this new visitor burned across our skiesm it would have certainly been as memorable as the one I saw when on holiday as a child – a spinning piece of glowing coke spinning and disintegrating as it bit into the Earth’s thin shield of air! 🙂

    I have a pair of binoculars, but the city lights drown out the stars unfortunately…

    God Bless!



    • I saw a couple of shooting stars last year, Prenin, and I’m hoping to see some more this year, but I would have loved to have seen that one soaring overhead. I think I was watching the TV instead. Never mind, hey? 🙂


  3. Yes just make sure you have some good cover,
    just in case the meteor shower is directly over your
    head 😦 Well you never no…

    A Great Posting…

    Have a great rest of evening Sir Aquatom 🙂



    • Thanks, Andro. As long as they are directly overhead but very high up, all will be well. The only problem with meteorites, though, is that they are affected by gravity and tend to come down. I think I’d best arrange for some good cover, just in case…
      Have a good evening yourself, Andro! 🙂


    • Kate, very often I’m always looking the other too… or looking the right way, but a moment too early or too late. Never mind, what I was looking at must have been more interesting, even if I can’t remember what it was now… 😉


  4. I love looking at the sky…it is so cool to drive up on top of the mesa and watch meteors or the Moon. When my brother was living here he had telescopes, programed to his computer it was awesome. He said Raven, I am gonna put you among the stars and so close to the moon you can almost walk on it. Well it sure felt like it. He always tells peeps how he comes here because there is true dark sky. My eyes twinkle at this.
    I have only my eyes, still all I have to do is look up into the stars of the vast universe to know I too am a Space Woman 😉


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