It was forecast.

It was predicted.

It has arrived.

Woke up this morning and everywhere was covered in snow. Well, frozen snow to be exact. It must have snowed during the night, stopped, and then froze suddenly. The worse thing about this is how slippy it is in parts. Not in all places, but in a few. Usually where I decide to tread! I have to adopt that special walk when walking on a slippery surface – you know the one – back straight, legs tense, arms wide and tentative steps just in case. Touch wood, I haven’t slipped as yet, well on foot anyway – I did slide slightly when I was driving earlier.

We had a light snowfall yesterday. I would say it was more of a snowglide more than a snowfall. Small snowflakes drifting slowly downwards, some dancing around as they gently cascaded from the clouds. When they landed, they didn’t settle, but slowly dissolved away. I think they were performing – putting on a show to remind us how graceful and calming the weather can be, if we take the time to sit back and watch it.

In other parts of the country, the weather was putting on a completely different show. Snow again, but this time accompanied by crashing thunder and flashes of lightning. The snow in these parts, I believe, could only be described as a snowfall, and then a snow-wall as roads started to become blocked.

I’ve never personally witnessed thunder with the snow, but I did see a streak of lightning once, in a very heavy snow shower. Again, I thought the weather was putting on a show, as the lightning flashed as soon as I looked out of the window, another example of being in the right place at the right time to witness it.

The last time we had snow, we came to a standstill. Today, even though everywhere was frozen, it wasn’t as bad. We have been forecast heavy snow for tomorrow. I wonder what show we’ll get to see then?

I like to see everywhere covered in snow. Fresh snow, deep and crisp and even. Everywhere seems fresher, brighter, and strangely warmer. Obviously not tropical, but warmer. I suppose it’s relative. Another thing I notice when snow has settled, everywhere goes just a little quieter. I think I’ll put this down to people not liking to drive in the snow, and when they walk, they use the special snow-walk I described above. You definitely can’t talk and walk with the snow walk – concentration is a must!

I wonder if we’ll have a white Christmas this year? There’s always something special about a White Christmas. We’ll see…

3 thoughts

  1. thunder and lightning with snow is very odd – the first time i saw this i was convinced the world was ending.

    i’ve never mastered the “snow walk” – too afraid i’ll fall. i run along and ssssllliiiide – *weee!*

    i fall less like that.


    1. It’s the fear of falling that makes me do the ‘snow walk’… but at a guess I’d say I slip 50 per cent of the time when walking this way compared to half the time when I walk normally…


      1. see the “snow walk” doesn’t work? It is too tense, you anticipate the fall, so you fall. Remain loose and go with the slip and slide…things are meant to be slippy, so just slip along with it…


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