I’m thinking ‘Shh’ is a funny word!

Actually, I wasn’t when I typed the title to this post, but I was as soon as I typed it!

Thinking of funny words, one of my all time favourite words is ‘phenomenon’! Not that it is particularly funny in itself, but it always reminds me of the song “Mahna Mahna”. I was a passenger once in one of my cousin’s car, with my cousin and his wife when I mentioned the word ‘phenomenon’ and we promptly sang the song, in its entirety, three times, replacing ‘Mahna Mahna’ with ‘Phenomenon’. To this day, I have no idea why I mentioned the word (it might have been the movie, but I’m not sure!). It was a fun ride though!

Singing in a car… I don’t do it very much nowadays, since another motorist beeped and waved at me while I was singing along to one of Shakespear’s Sister’s songs whilst waiting for the traffic lights to change from red to green. I wasn’t only singing – I was performing in my car! Shoulders bopping, arms reaching, air punching, chair-dancing in fact – I’d completely lost myself in the music, and if the other guy hadn’t beeped I’d probably still be there now. He was in the car beside me – not behind me – and I could tell that my dancing had impressed him. He gave me the thumbs up, and a huge smile. I smiled back and had to carry on dancing as the track hadn’t finished, but as soon as the lights changed to green, I quickly drove away. Chuckling. That’s another favourite word of mine. I chuckled as I drove!

When I started this post, I wanted to say that I am having a bit of a quiet day today, and nothing is coming to mind to write about, and usually in the quiet moments some kind of inspiration appears. I hadn’t even managed to type this when I thought that ‘Shh’ is a funny word… and look where that led me!

I’m sure there is some kind of chain reaction that occurs when we think. Tiny little sparks of randomness strike against each other, and make larger sparks, and before we know it the sparks have become such a huge thought that we need to somehow use it (them?) in whatever we are doing at that moment. And in use it, I mean either do something with it, or forget about it. I didn’t want to forget about my amazing mobile musical performances (which I had forgotten about until the sparks) so I added them to this blog. Which was meant to be about me thinking.

Oh, it is. I like it how things link together. Adds more evidence to the ‘everything is connected’ theory.

And that is something to think about! Only not today…


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