There’s an I in Coincidence…

Two actually. Three, if you count me.

I experience some very odd coincidences from time to time; things that are too coincidental to be coincidence, yet that is what they appear to be.

I’ve mentioned my quiz show experience on the blog before. But a lot of time has passed, so I’ll recap it quickly again.

I was watching a quiz show on TV, and the question master asked ‘Of what is ‘brontophobia’ the fear?’. At that point a loud clattering came from above, which sounded as though the chimney wall was falling down. I swiftly paused the programme and ran outside, expecting to see the rest of the building falling down behind me. Of course, I was mistaken, and everything was intact, as perfect as it always had been. The sky overhead was dark, brooding, with thick and low heavy clouds just waiting to burst.

‘Must have been thunder…’ I thought as I walked back in, and restarted the quiz show. Three answers were provided on screen: dinosaurs, chest infections or thunder. And the correct answer was thunder.

I’ve mentioned my rainbow on the blog before as well. But, let’s have another recap (imagine going all wobbly, like they do on TV when they have a flashback).

Several years ago, I wanted another job. I asked the Universe for help, and went to a few interviews. I don’t interview very well, so asked for a sign from the Universe that I would have work, after one interview, in the form of a rainbow. An interview came and went. It felt good. I left the office feeling good, and walked around the corner to be greeted by one of the biggest and brightest rainbows I have ever seen in my life. The complete arc was on display before me. It took me back, I don’t mind admitting. The Universe doesn’t do things by halves. And I got the job. I still have it.

Another coincidence; perhaps one conjured by me this time.

Enough of the flashbacks now. I’ve experienced another coincidence today. Maybe not as staggering or mind blowing as the others, although maybe more so.

As you may or may not be aware, I’m currently experiencing time issues.Time issues of the sort where it keeps hiding from me. It just keeps running away and I can’t seem to catch it. I can’t (well almost can’t!) keep up, although I am managing in some areas, so it’s OK, of a fashion. Wednesday is the day pesky old time really plays up, and I find it really hard to grab hold to a piece of spare time as it flies passed me at a rate of knots.

I was given the idea of buying a ready meal for Wednesday, to save with having to think about food as well as doing everything else I do on Wednesday. So, on Saturday I was meandering around Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) when a ready meal’s packaging caught my eye. I grabbed it off the shelf, and thought I’d try that. Chicken Pad Thai… something I think I may have seen in the corner of my eye, but never tried, before. Not knowing what Pad Thai really was, I did a quick Google search and got my answers. Sounded good. I also bought a Lamb Rogan Josh, as I really like that as well, and thought I’d decide what to have on Wednesday.

Well, it appears the Universe has made my mind up for me. In the form of a Google Doodle.

Today’s (Tuesday 7th November 2017) Google Doodle, bear in mind they usually focus on famous historical people, events, or holidays, is in celebration of Pad Thai. Clicking through at the end of the little moving display gives the search ‘what is Pad Thai’?’… the very phrase I used for my search at the weekend.

I thought at first, when I first saw it, ‘Noooo…..!’, and then I randomly thought that Google had created a quick doodle for my search, and they must have done it for other searches around the world as well. It struck me how ridiculous that idea was, thinking about the number of searches they must process in a day, so I did a little further digging and found that the doodle appears not in every country, but quite a few.

So. Coincidence?

You couldn’t make it up. If tomorrow’s doodle is for Lamb Rogan Josh, I’m really going to have to start wearing my thinking cap again, and REALLY get some amazing coincidences created!

(The images in this post are all screenshots from today’s Google Doodle)

21 Comments on “There’s an I in Coincidence…

    • I know the ads work by the cookies stored on your computer, but I always find them frustrating as they usually appear AFTER I’ve bought the thing!
      But just how Google knew what I was having for my tea on Wednesday shows me that we are being watched… only not just by Google!!!
      Thanks, Beverly.

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  1. My family all raise their eyes to the ceiling when I speak about this but …. We ARE being ‘watched’.
    Almost every home has a TV now. The UK used to work on analogue signals. However, our Government(s) chose to force a different system upon us, that being Digital.

    Now digital meant that we all had to either have some chap come to our homes and make some sort of adjustment to our TV’s and having a new bit of kit installed, free of charge, into our homes which would allow this digital signal.

    If we didn’t want the free bit of kit, we could buy a bit of kit ourselves, or we could switch to a supplier (eg Virgin etc) who would come and fit our houses out with all the bits of equipment we could imagine, which would allow us to have a gazillion TV programmes to watch at any given hour of the day.

    Let’s just stop there for a moment and think about how easy that was to get some special equipment into ALL our homes, here in the UK. For all we know, that equipment could be fitted with a camera which could be switched on/off at will, and record moments (or more) of our lives. Perhaps even just a recording of sound? So that they could listen in to any conversations. Of course, the Governments of the day would say it was a crime prevention thing.

    Computers now come with cameras. What’s to say that those camera’s aren’t able to be switched on/off at will so that they too can record us using the computers – and for whatever we look at, and also record conversations which happen in our home?

    And now … we can now have a tiny little tube machine, which we install into our homes, and it can answer questions which we ask it. Of course, they tell us, that the machine is in silent mode/switched to ‘standby’ mode. But … is it really? Are we sure that it’s not listening in on every conversation, phone call, caller to the house, laugh, joke, argument, tears, etc etc etc. which goes on inside our homes?

    See … here’s the thing. I’m so NOT convinced of the innocence of these things. These gadgets, gizmos, bits of equipment that I don’t know enough about … that I’ve become the family ‘lunatic’ about it.

    I had my son-in-law (who’s job is computers and their added ‘things’) find the camera on this laptop that I’m using now, and turn it off. A week later …. I opened the computer and found a window on the desktop, and there I was, watching myself! Totally freaked me out. Son-in-law was totally confused about how it could have happened.

    I ensure that the camera pin hole on my pooter is covered with a bit of sticky cut from a post it note. And what’s more … my computer whizzkid daughter … now does the exact same thing.
    So perhaps I’m now being seen as not quite the loony they marked me up as.

    Some things I can see as a coincidence Tom … but others, …. well, I’m not so easily prepared to trust some of these things as a lot of other people are. I take a dim view of any Government forcing every household in the land to have a bit of equipment installed in their homes. If this had been some other country doing this, we’d have been outraged for that country and would have been able to see what was going on. But … because it’s here. In our country. We think it’s ok because our country wouldn’t do ‘that’. Or would they?

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    • I totaly agree. The TV thing is why we don’t have one. but now …this pc ,which drives me crazy, is no doubt watching every blam thing I do. Of course they can’t follow the real crazy people and that is why so many bad things happen. They ( who ever they are ) know and they just aren’t doing any thing about it.

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    • That would account for the feeling of ‘being watched’ from time to time, Cobs… although if someone is watching me constantly, I hope they are very comfortable because I’m not exactly the most interesting of folk! If they’re watching me through the TV, all they’ll see is me sitting there, getting up from time to time, and occasionally munching on something!
      I, fortunately, don’t have a camera on my computer, but again, if did, all they’ll see there is me sitting at it.
      I do have a camera on my mobile phone, but that is usually in my pocket unless I’m… hang on! It’s an Android phone, and Android was developed by Google, and my phone is ALWAYS with me.
      As I said, Cobs… I hope whoever is watching me is very comfortable…

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      • lol. They’ll certainly find something to interest them, I bet.
        (You do know that your movements from a to b, to c, to d, are being tracked on that Android, don’t you.
        Ho yes.

        I have a friend (of many years) who lives in London and we Skype every week for a chat and put the world to rights. Every now and again he will drop the odd ‘hot’ word into the conversation which has nothing at all to do with what we’re talking about, but eveything to do with ‘world matters’ and sensitive subjects. He does it just for the laughs and giggles he gets from me having a mini panic about him doing such bally awful things like that.

        I swear to Dog that if the men in black ever pay me a visit, I will make up some wild story about him just for MY laughs and giggles and see if he finds it funny! tsk tsk.

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        • Those men in black have probably already paid you a visit, Cobs, interrogated you, and then given you something to forget all about them. And your friend. And me, come to think of it. I wonder what I’ve told them… and I wonder if their ‘forgetting thing’ has anything to do with my rubbish memory. That said, though, they must be visiting me an AWFUL lot!!! 😉

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          • Actually laughing out loud here.
            [thinks to self: he’s only a sneeze away from being as crazy as me! poor chap]
            👀 🕵🏻
            🎵 🎶 Here come the Men In Black 🕴
            It’s the MIB’s, uh, here come the MIB’s
            Here come the Men In Black, Men In Black
            They won’t let you remember 🎵 🎶

            Nah nah nah.
            The good guys dress in black, remember that
            Just in case we ever face to face and make contact
            The title held by me, MIB 🕴
            Means what you think you saw, you did not see
            So don’t blink be what was there is now gone 🎵 🎶
            The black suits with the black Ray Bans on
            Walk in shadow, move in silence
            Guard against extra-terrestrial violence
            But yo we ain’t on no government list
            We straight don’t exist – no names and no fingerprints 🕴
            🎵 🎶 Saw somethin’ strange, watch your back
            ‘Cause you never quite know where the MIBs is at 🕴
            Uh, eh 🎵 🎶

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  2. Great post, Tom. And Google – I read somewhere if you want to work for Google, you don’t have to submit a resume because they already know everything about you. 🙂 Oh, and the camera on your computer put a piece of tape over it! Make it a great day!

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    • I’ve read somewhere that working for Google isn’t like working at all, and I like the sound of that, Eugenia. I wish the company I worked for would take that approach, but they are so stuffed with seriousness it’s untrue! Luckily, I don’t have a camera on my computer, so that’s one less thing to worry about! 😀

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  3. So far EVERY piece of internet connected kit that has been sold has a vulnerability or six that allows hackers to gain access to everything else in your house, including your PC!!! 😡

    When caught the manufacturers claim to have fixed the vulnerability, but have they??? 😡

    God Bless!


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  4. This was so awesome to read! You’re like a magical Universe..something…but I have this idea..this image..I can’t find the words for it! But..did it happen? The Rogan Josh message from the Universe??

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    • I think I am in tune with the Universe quite a lot of the time, Shree… and I love it when I am! It is an amazing feeling to be aware of it! 😀
      And no, the Rogan Josh thing didn’t occur… although the Universe uses its own time (as does Google!) so it will appear. One day! 😀


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