Dear Blogland,
I know, I know. I haven’t had much time recently for replying to comments or visiting, but I will get back. I promise. I know, I keep promising. But I do. And I will. Eventually.

Dear Fingers (My Inner Typist),
I’ve noticed recently you trying to step in and help me with my typing. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate your help, but could I ask that you kindly refrain. Your style of typing is, erm… somewhat different to my own, and you make my typos look like monumental disasters. And you know the old saying ‘too many cocks spoil the broth’. But thank you all the same.

Dear The Weather,
Don’t think I haven’t noticed you, sneaking the extremely hot weather back in, in the disguise of dark and ominous thunderclouds. I like the warm, and I really thank you for that, but I’m not too keen on the heat. If you could just keep that away, and leave everywhere nice it would be fabulous. On the whole, you’re doing a good job, though!

Dear The Silent Letter B,
It’s a good job that not all words with a B in them have it silent. Otherwise we’d all ee visiting Logland, spoken aloud. Ut, sorry, but, I like the subtleness of a silent ‘B’. The way it doesn’t roll off the tongue in ‘thumb’ for example is very cool. We all know it’s there, yet never say it. I wonder if you can tell me the second seven letter word with a silent B… the first one being ‘Plumber’? I may reveal the answer at the end of the post…

Dear Twilight,
What a pleasant time of day you are! Firstly, you (generally) begin to cool nicely, and then you bathe us all in a nice, relaxing subdued light. Gradually, you bring in the night for us, so we can get some decent shut-eye before your morning counterpart Dawn appears, with her amazing chorus.

Dear Dreams,
Thank you for totally confusing me with your mixed up messages, and then waking me in the early hours of the morning, in an attempt to make me work them out. You’re the one who put them there in the first place. Could I suggest you slip in a few clearer clues the next time you decide to play with my head (which, by the way you do with aplomb!) so at least I can have a good start.

Dear The Word Aplomb,
How fabulous that you have a silent B, and fit perfectly well in this subtle letters post. Did you know that your opposite, ‘doubt’, also has a silent B? Fabulous!

Dear The Universe,
Thank you once again for being the magnificent, creative and vast force that you are. It’s a pleasure to be a part of you. I just wanted to show gratitude once again, publicly.

Dear Fingers (My Inner Typist),
Thank you for paying no attention to my earlier letter. You gave me a great chuckle at some of the words I typed that rapidly needing changing. Pubicly, for example. Shit-eye for another. Moaning counterpart could have been avoided, however. But, you were bery annoying every time ‘V’ appeared instead of the ‘B’ that I needed. I think I’ve caught all of the other typos (if I haven’t they’re deliberate!)

Dear Pterodactyls,
How fun it was watching you flying over the Grinds this morning. I haven’t seen you for a while.

And to finish… Dear All,
I hope you didn’t succumb to my little question earlier… it was obvious I would reveal the answer. And who knows? There may be more seven letter words with a silent B IN THEM! FINGERS!!! So, without further ado, remember to treat others nicely – well, as nice as you can, as some can be rather trying, Inner Typists included. They may have reasons for not being nice, and with the majority of us not being mind readers we aren’t to know. Just smile and leave them to it. A smile may be all it takes to help them to see through their darkness.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here’s a quick photo of the Grinds where I saw the pterodactyls flying earlier, just because:

That said, it may not have been earlier today, thinking about it. The subtleties of time sprinkle crumbs of doubt over everything, with aplomb. And this may be an old photo from my visit to Israel, not the Grinds as previously thought.


  1. subtle succumb! Oh you silly silent letter b! cute post Tom. PS we are on vacation and it is 115 degrees F where we are today! That is HOT! thank goodness for pools that are chilled and frozen margaritas served poolside!!! 🙂

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  2. I agree.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. Including the darn dreams!!! What’s going on there then? Weird dreams which don’t seem to make any sense, and they leave me feeling totally drained! grrrr!

    Love this post … oh …. by the way: ” ‘too many cocks spoil the broth’” … I think you’ll find that the word you were looking for is: COOKS.
    I darn near fainted!
    squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  3. I’m having issues with typing dyslexia which is worrying and the only time I don’t suffer from this is when I touch-type like now! 🙂

    Hard to believe I learned to do this without trying!!!

    God Bless and best wishes!


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    1. Oh goodness..I’ve been in a typing mess for along time. I’ll never tell how many times I have to redo this thing called blogging. Must be something in all those sprays they put out from airplanes.

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      1. Yeah I used to be like that even when I was looking at the keys and KNEW which key was where!!! 🙂

        I guess I’ve spent too long around Computers over the past 40 years… 🙂

        God Bless!



  4. Great letters! I did try to work out the second 7 letter word with a silent ‘b’ in it, but I came up with subtler – forgot all about sucumb. I agree about twilight – it is one of the best times. I’ve just returned from a week in Scotland and it was quite noticable how much later twilight happens up there than it does for me here. It made it seem even better for some reason (especially on the days when it wasn’t actually raining). I hope my fingers have read your letter, because they are just doing their own thing and I am having to delete and retype so many words that it is getting quite tiring. 😦

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