Warning! This Post May Contain Spiders

But only one, I promise you!

I’ve been out in the Grinds.

Armed with my mobile phone’s camera.

I spotted this near perfect web.

Just had to take a photo!

The other photos on this post?

Well, do you remember the Seedlings?

Have a look at them now!

This is for Six Word Saturday.

Visit Debbie’s site for more variations.

29 thoughts on “Warning! This Post May Contain Spiders

  1. As long as ‘spidey’ stays on your page and doesn’t get on mine, okay! Now….please tell me what that pink flower is? We don’t have that over here I don’t believe. Looks new to me.So pretty. Thanks for sharing TL…VK 🙂

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    • He’s happy here, VK, so you’re safe!
      As to the flowers, well, I haven’t the foggiest notion! I know they are wildflowers, but that’s them all, collectively. Individually, I’m stumped as to their names.

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  2. Spider Spider on the wall,
    Have you got no sense at all?
    Can’t you see the wall is plastered?
    Come down here you silly little Person. 🙂

    I love spiders, I have three wolf spiders and two garden spiders in the flat who keep the insect population down! 🙂

    My mate Rick had a Goliath Tarantula (size of a dinner plate) and a second Tarantula that was vicious! 🙂

    He had to put two bricks on top of the tank lids to stop them getting out!!! 🙂

    Needless to say feeding time was interesting… 3:)

    Love the flowers Tom, very pretty!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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