Let’s begin at the beginning. Always a good place to start. Let’s see. Ahh…


Pronounced Ah; or Are. A Hawaiian word for a rough and frothy lava flow. The smooth lava flow is called Pahoehoe (pronounced pa-hoey-hoey). You’ll not get your aas mixed up with your pahoehoes from now on, will you? You’d be very argute to use these words in the right place. (Shrewd)

Have you ever come across a blatherskite? I’m sure you have. A person who rambles on without making much sense. Some say I’m a blatherskite, but I tend to waffle on regardless anyway.

I hope my waffling comes across as couthy, which is Scottish for warm and friendly (in relation to a person) or cosy (for a place). Hopefully, you find this blog couthy.

Get this word into a sentence and you can award yourself ten points. Although, the points themselves are worthless, as you’d guess. Floccinaucinihilipilification. Hehehe. I’ll say that again. Floccinaucinihilipilification. Floxin-orsinie-hillypilly-fickayshun. This word has Latin roots, and for some reason is rarely used today. And as you now know it’s the action of estimating something as worthless.

Now, I’m not being personal, but do you have any idea where on your body you’d find a hallux? If you said your face, you’d be wrong. Hands… you’d be getting warmer. Feet, well, you’re positively on fire! It’s a big toe.

In the animal kingdom, you may, on the odd occasion, come across a tigon. Or a liger. A tigon is the hybrid cub of a lion and a tigress, and a liger is that of a male tiger and a lioness.

Does the thought of some words make you go all aquiver? Anticipating with excitement, trembling even, at their very meaning? Me neither, but I like playing with words. Such fun.

And finally, the word to end on this time is madtom. How rude. Oh, that’s the word. Ahem. A madtom is a North American catfish which has poisonous spines.

And on that note, I’ll end things there. Next time I may explore strange numbers of the Universe…


  1. “Floccinaucinihilipilification. This word has Latin roots, and for some reason is rarely used today.” Hmmmm – I wonder why??! Heck – auto-correct doesn’t even like it!

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  2. This Blog Post has been brought to you courtesy of Stephen Fry and the QI Team.

    I could actually hear Stephen Fry saying the whole thing.
    You’ve missed your calling. Sandi Toksvig and QI might want to chat with you, with a view to taking you ‘on-board’. 😉

    I’m off now to try and unboggle my brain.

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        1. 😯
          [folds arms, indignantly]
          I merely wouldn’t want to put folk off their tea, Cobs. I don’t look good in HD or in widescreen, and in real life I look as though the horizontal hold’s gone as well.
          [smiles and blushes]
          Sorry Cobs, I also wouldn’t want to put the others to shame. 😉

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          1. THERE’S THE REAL TRUTH!
            That last line.

            We all suspected that you were the next James Bond in training!

            Of course you can’t go on Widescreen … for then we would know who this mysterious man in the black suit was.

            Hmm… actually … it could be …. Oh. My. Goodness!! Is it James Bond, or could it be ….. THE MILK TRAY MAN???!!!

            [thinks to self:] “who would I prefer it to be, James Bond, sauve and sophisticated. OR The Milk Tray man who arrives silently, leaves a box of Chocolates and then departs silently?

            Who? C’mon Cobs …. WHO? MAKE A CHOICE WOMAN!!

            You are … The Milk Tray Man. (no other choice really. Not when chocolate is involved!)
            😀 ~ C. x

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            1. Mmmm. Yes. [thinks…] Or his stunt double.
              Or perhaps the Milk Tray Man’s getaway driver – or pick up in the boat – depending on how he makes his daring escape. I couldn’t possibly do all of those stunts by myself…

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