Waaaay back now, in 2015, I published some photos on the blog of the partial Solar Eclipse that occurred that year. The photos in this post were of the Eclipse, but not only of the Eclipse. I highlighted some Sky Spirits that decided to join in for the photo session.

Well today, a couple of years later, I have another Sky Spirit photo to share.

The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue on Sunday afternoon, with quite a mixture of clouds floating overhead and rapidly transforming their shapes. I took a few photos, to use as backgrounds for any forthcoming images I create, when I noticed a face in one of them. I hadn’t noticed it when I was taking the photos, as all I could see were cloud-shaped clouds, but the face is definitely there.

Here’s a closer look at it. No highlighting needed with this photo, I feel!


  1. OK…. call me crazy but ….

    I can see the face to which you lead me to … or I think you’re leading me to. But in order to see it I had to get past what I first saw in that photo. Let me explain…

    Look at ‘your’ face which you see in the cloud. Now I want you to ignore that face and pretend for a moment that it’s not there.
    Instead, look at the cloud, and look for an Angel – with hair flowing a little – it’s not long long hair, but it would cover his ears if the wind stopped blowing it.

    He’s (for I feel it’s a He) is lifting his arms to either … lift a trumpet or some sort of instrument which he’s about to blow OR…. it could be that he’s holding something and looking at it. I just can’t quite figure out what it might be, for I see one or two bits of things.

    If you can’t see him … tilt your head down to your left shoulder, and imagine him standing at an angle, facing down towards the left lower corner of the photograph.

    You can see the full length of the Angel, and how his robes ‘flow’ as his arms are lifted up to hold whatever it is which he’s holding.

    OK…. you can tell me I’m mad now, and that I’m the only person in the world to be able to see this Angel.
    ~ Cobs. x

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    1. I can see your angel, Cobs, although to me he keeps fading in and out. I can see his face, and the robe. Occasionally I see the wings or his arms.
      I would never go so far as to say you were mad Cobs. And in this case, if I did, I couldn’t… πŸ˜‰ Hehehe. πŸ˜€

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    1. I’ve noticed a lot of what I call ‘Spirit faces’ tend to be long, Prenin. The Green Man that is seen in trees, for example, I see a version of him, and he has a long face, nose and chin. Must just be how they reveal themselves when I’m around…

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  2. I tried to be smart and looked for it before reading the post…but looked at the cloud mass instead of the wispy one..lol. And the thing about these spirits…once you see them..you just can’t unsee them! I do love the beautiful blue sky!!

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