Today’s post is brought to you by a form of contemporary dance. Mostly the aspects of unpredictable changes in rhythm and speed, jerky directional movements and sudden falls and recovery, it is interspersed with a jolting head-bobbing movement and rapid eye-blinking. Water is on hand for thirst-quenching properties and painkiller takeage alike.

Legwork is calm and controlled.

Nimble fingers gingerly tumble effortlessly and meaningfully across the alphabet’s letters randomly – yet uniformly – arranged across a touched and well-loved keyboard. Well-worn keys shine with a well-used gloss (the word ‘well’ used, well, exceptionally well…) whereas the ‘Z’ key and the key with the Windows symbol are perfectly untouched. The left shift key is now almost a blank key, with the faintest remnant of the arrow barely visible upon it.

Up and down work fingers and key alike, each key press reverberating a thousand times like the building crescendo of an orchestra of drums and cymbals, crashing and rasping and suddenly fading… until the next key press.

Eyes water with each clattering keystroke, words appear on screen then disappear through the tears of the one remaining open eye.

Breathing is deep, and controlled.

Keys, whether almost stripped bare or still cloaked in their alphanumeric mask, assist with getting the message across.
Capital P.





Slightly over-exaggerated references blur the message as the headache blurs the thought processes.

Every muscle in the upper part of the body is tense, deep breaths aid relaxation.

Painkillers help with the headache.

And sleep, I’m sure, will help with the rest.

About the image:

Adapted images obtained from Pixabay.


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