Row after row of hollow armour
Split in places and locked behind glass and key in others
Knights no longer in court to hear the constant thrum from the fight
No longer decked in their finery
Lethal battles with dragons long finished
Bodies stripped, survivors given a stay of execution at the time
If they were lucky
But all now ghosts
Echoes from time
In tales passed down through the centuries
Yet also still ‘alive’, trapped within
Row after row of hollow armour


10 thoughts

    1. They’ll probably be baffled, Oldegg. None of it will work and all of the files that would have explained what it was used for would be stored on it, so they have no chance…


  1. In days of old when Knights were bold and toilets were not invented,
    They’d dig a hole in the middle of the road and sit there quite contented!!! 🙂

    Hence ‘Pot holes’… 🙂

    God Bless!


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