What on Earth is going on?

Negativity from all angles; a tangible darkness that seems hell-bent on spreading misery and unrest throughout the world. These dark forces have permeated around me, strangled and throttled me, and very nearly consumed me totally. Every little thing I have recently come across has either highlighted more of this horrid darkness in the world, or made me feel that everyone on the planet is somehow conspiring against me to seriously spoil my time here.

Drivers cutting me up, cyclists screaming obscenities at me, work colleagues whispering, shopkeepers ripping me off, my mind refusing to come up with anything to write, news reporters obviously delivering only part of the story, favourite TV shows being far from what is expected, and even food not being as delicious as it used to be.

Badness everywhere.

But that’s impossible.

There is no way all of this badness is around and affecting me at this precise time. Foolish to even think that way. Yes, I may have been ‘driven’ to this point by one or two noticeable external events, but I’m the one who is allowing myself to be influenced by them. They are external. Nothing to do with me. And as such they shouldn’t affect me.

Yes, drivers are becoming more discourteous. That is obvious. I am equally discourteous in return; so it isn’t just them. This is just a sign of the times which will not be improving any time soon. Well, not in my town, anyway. I can either continue to let it/them bother me, or just allow it and leave the discourtesy with the other road users, with the hope that one day they too will realise. We’re all only going from A to B. None of us are in a race. And most discourteous drivers are going shopping.

I was driving the other day through some road works, where one lane had been closed off for the workers’ safety (they weren’t there, but it was early in the morning) and a cyclist was wobbling her way erratically beside the traffic cones. I slowed down as I approached her, and overtook her giving her as much space as I could. The language that spewed out of her mouth as she screamed as I passed her was most certainly un-ladylike. There were several other cars behind me that needed to pass her after I did, so I bet she was hoarse by the time she’d finished her tirade. She must have been consumed by the darkness as well.

Work. I’m not allowed to write anything about work, bad or good. It’s a company policy. They (not work, but ‘they’) say if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything. That says it all.

I went shopping the other day, where the store had a three-for-£3.00 offer on orange juice (£1.07 individually). I didn’t want three, so just bought the two, and found out when I got home that they’d scanned three through, overcharging me 86p. Luckily, I saved another £1.50 on another multi-buy but had to pay 5p for a carrier bag, so I still came out the loser.

Not being able to write has probably trapped all of this current ‘darkness’ inside my mind, hence this rather whiney post. Writing is an escape. Being creative is an escape. The more surreal, the more stupid, the better. Reality is certainly not behaving as real as it used to.

So, after being brought rather unceremoniously close to the edge of packing everything in, something has ripped away the grappling forces from my throat, and punched on the lightbulb – nay! the spotlight – within my head, and illuminated brightly the words ‘bugger it’. Actually, through the tear-filled haze it looked more like ‘flick it’, but you catch my drift. (Metaphorical tears, by the way, from the metaphorical strangling…)

So, I’m now writing through everything. Or drawing. Or PowerPointing. Or painting. Sometimes moaning, but I don’t care.

We live in an increasingly mad mad world, where more and more mad people are crawling out of the woodwork. True colours are revealing themselves everywhere. When will there be a better time to shine?

Apologies if you don’t like silly. I’m going to get silly. Silly helps me to Feel Good. I may even get really stupid. We’ll see. There’s a fine line between madness and genius, they say. See, there they are again. Not that I’m mad or a genius, but I’m somewhere in between. And I can pretend.

I’m going to be more creative than ever during this, our planet’s darkest hour. We need creative people to bring the world back to where it should be. If you’ve stumbled across this post after searching for ‘3 for 2’ offers, and have never blogged before, I urge you to take it up. Be creative. Shine your light on an ever-darkening world. You can blog about anything. Look at this post for example. In fact look at any of my posts… they’re all about ‘anything’! If you don’t want to blog, that’s fine too… just be creative and leave the rest of the world to itself.

And now for some creative silliness. The following picture is another PowerPoint creation. I recently posted a Bowl of Fruit over on my other blog, Splodge and Splatter, and decided to ‘borrow’ a grape from there. This image should have been entitled ‘Gripe against the rage’ but I couldn’t think of how to portray a gripe, so a grape had to do.

And apologies once again for this really bad post. Moany, whiney ones aren’t really my thing. Or is this a new me? And I’ve written a fair bit here, considering I had nothing to write at the beginning… things are looking up already!

#Writingthroughthebadness #Pleaseallowthetypos

26 thoughts

    1. So very true, Susan. I should really be grateful that things are only as bad as they are, but I don’t want bad. I want better. And by Jiminy I’m going to make it so! 😀
      (I hope…) 😉

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  1. Hang in TL….The world is very hard to embrace at the moment and sadly all by design to fulfill an agenda. Dark times indeed but the light is there as well if we allow it in. Check out this last post I put on the blog. I thought of you and your art. My point being we can use our frustrations and anger in creative ways that deliver our messages. The bee guy sure did. It is far more difficult to be alive right now if one is awake, unfortunately. The problems are vast but worse quite often we clearly see the answers and yet we are forced in the opposite direction! I stay on my mountain and rarely venture into the insanity 🙂 This is definitely a massive test we are enduring. We have to pass it, TOGETHER!
    Happy Day….VK

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    1. Thanks, VK. I’m normally ‘disconnected’ (for want of a better word) from all of these daily hassles, or affected to the level where I can simply brush them off, but this week… phew! Talk about overwhelming! Well, I’m not having it. The darker it gets, the more light is needed, and hiding away isn’t shining anything anywhere; hence this post and my resolve to add more light from my little area of the world. It may not reach far, but it’s a start.
      I shall check your post out shortly…. my blogging has been terrible of late! 😀

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  2. Afterthought: Be kind to yourself TL…We must all learn to master the art of self compassion. We are so kind to others and so unforgiving of ourselves many times. Bad days are human days Tom. The darkness is where we learn our lessons and gain our strength. Hopefully 🙂 Do something loving for yourself, spend time with that whiney you as you call it and offer your support . It feels good when we can make ourselves feel better. Better yet, feel loved…

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    1. I thought I was being kind by shutting myself off, but that seemed to make it darker, VK. I love being creative, so allowing myself to be more so is definitely a way of lightening things. I’ll be back up. Like you say, these blips do teach us a thing or two.
      And thanks again, VK.

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  3. Hey Tom = you got it out – now you can move on! 🙂 and I read the whole rant buddy! I bet if you think really hard, you can come up with a great moment to counter each one of those dark ones you mentioned. Like at the grocery story – I bet something nice happened – like did someone smile at you or you to them? Just some simple expressions of human kindness. Look forward to silly! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Jodi. Sorry for the rant, but who could I tell all that to without looking like a complete lunatic? I thought ‘I know. I’ll tell the world!’ Hehehe.
      I am looking for the silver linings – some have been somewhat disguised of late, but they are there! 😀 And oh, yes… I’m moving on now. 🙂

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  4. Hang in there Tom! 🙂

    Yes, the world is a shitty place at the moment, but the 24 hour news coverage doesn’t help!!! 😦

    Always remember there’s always somebody a whole lot more unhappy and worse off than us!!! 🙂

    With luck they’ll be politicians!!! LoL!!! 🙂

    God Bless and good looking grape!!! 🙂


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    1. Ha! Thanks, Prenin!
      Yes, I suppose these moments wash over us all from time to time… we just have to hang on until it passes.
      Pleased you like the grape. It took me by surprise, that did! 😀

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  5. Much better to get it out of your system with us then keep it in, and look what delight and creativity it has brought b doing so 🙂 and very impressed by what you can do with powerpoint!

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    1. Thanks, Becky. Moany posts aren’t really my thing, but I have written a few over the years, so this one isn’t new! It is good to be able to release through writing at times.
      The PowerPoint thing is something I really enjoy, which I fell into whilst trying to create a transparent overlay… now though I’m trying to be even more creative with it.

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  6. You’re definitely not alone with those thoughts and feelings. Maybe that’s part of it…everyone else seems to be of a similar mind and with all that added negativity it’s become hard for any of us to feel positive. Life is definitely conspiring against the positives just now. Frustrating too when every time you sit down to do something constructive two seconds later you’re out of patience and can’t be bothered. Personally I find the weather impacts on my mood too…didn’t think I was affected by things like that but seems so. So lucky it’s bright and sunny just now! A good walk in the sun amongst nature would likely be very nurturing, helping to sooth the darkness and negativity of the world in general. Then again….not being to shattered to put one of several blogs I have in mind together would be theraputic too! I have ideas but pulling them together for a blog post seems near impossible just now….it all feels overwhelming even though I normally enjoy it. But hey! Begone dark negativities! Spring is almost here!

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    1. I think we’re all feeding off each other Icewolf or reflecting negativity… we need to make the positives shine more!!!
      And today is the official first day of Spring… I’m seeing the blossom already appearing on trees which is nice. My mind wants to call it melon, or lemon, or pollen, so I had to really think then whilst typing. Minds, eh? What are they like? 😀


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