The blank page is inviting.
Crisp. Clear. Anticipating writing.
Words and sentences, paragraphs and chapters.
Mystery twists and happy-ever-afters.
Intrigue and plotlines
Drama, and sometimes
Comedies of errors
And other storytellers’
Tricks to keep us hooked
Within the pages, within the books…
Although the blank page is also revealing
No words to relay its meaning
Yet with space to fill
It shows a mind, still…
Clear of thought
With no inspiration in sight
Nothing to write
The blank page
Echoes like an empty stage
With no show tonight
The curse of writer’s block
Revels in its own delight

Struggling. Struggling. Struggling. This mysterious dark force that is trying to keep me away from blogging seems to have struck from a different angle this evening, and cloaked my inspiration and my creativity. However, a post must go out, so this is what I have managed to come up with. Once I started, the words flowed a little easier, but it’s getting the initial push – the ignition fired – that’s proving to be the biggest challenge. It will pass. Until then, I must keep on keeping on. Perseverance is key.


  1. Hope the writer’s block eases Tom. Arrrgh…I’m struggling myself with getting distraction free time just to think straight. Taking a short breather to pop in and see how things are going…and I’m encouraged that even though you couldn’t think of anything to write, you got a blog post out! Now that’s a wonderful accomplishment! 🙂

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      1. Being creative works… I spent three days painting Penguins for my sisters Birthday.. Yes.. its ok, she doesn’t go on WP, and She loves them and collects little ornaments of them.. So I set to and painted a large painting for her in Acrylics.. Its saved me.. as I so enjoyed my time .. I am painting again this weekend.. The modem will be mainly off.. 🙂 Take care Tom..

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  2. Good job Tom! And I think I should have put my last comment on this post rather than the other one…but I hadn’t seen this one then..oh Wolf! You’re doing better than me anyway…..I did get round to looking at pics to use in a post tonight….but unlike yourself gave in to inertia and left it for another day. So there you go! You did great and had lots of will power!

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    1. Thanks, Icewolf. Yes it’s there… in fits and starts. I really want to get back to posting every day… I did promise silliness a while back… let’s see. Looking forward to your next post – but no pressure by the way. Enjoy it when you do it! 😀

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      1. Going to attempt a post now 🙂 I share in your fits and starts syndrome! Haven’t been able to get it together for a while…sit down to make a start and…meh…total lack of enthusiasm or anything else for that matter and shove it all aside for another day. I too really want to get back into the swing but seem to be out of sorts with everything since the end of my course. And I do mean everything lol no interest or patience with anything that involves making an effort! We’ll get there in the end though 🙂

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        1. Indeed we will, Icewolf… and we’re on a good way there as it happens as well. I’ll have to see if I can come up with an inspirational image for you over on Splodge and Splatter to see if that’ll help any.
          In the meantime, just wrote away… something will work its way through!

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                    1. Not at all. Fnigers is how Fingers spells his name, so you Inner Typist and my Inner Typist are on the exact same wavelength…
                      Oh, I see what you mean. Both now very trying! 😉

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