It’s another slow blogging day today. Must just be the time of the year.

Oh, White Rabbits, by the way! And here we are on the first of March, St David’s Day, and the first day of Spring… meteorogically speaking, that is. Astronomically speaking, Spring doesn’t start until 20th March, but not long to wait for those astronauts. The weather’s a tad Wintry, so we can’t go by that alone. That said, the days will soon be longer than the nights, so it’s all good.

As I was pondering what to post about today, I noticed the layout of the five featured posts on my blog’s homepage. I noticed the Selfie image of myself I used for yesterday’s post, and then noticed that by some meteorogical fluke Beryl’s mouth (who represented Storm Doris a few days ago) seemed to position itself in the space where my mouth should have been, making for a rather random composite image. I’ve added a screengrab above. I’m not sure the colour suits me, however. I haven’t added a featured image to this post, so you can see the effect (for those visitors popping in from a computer – other devices won’t have the same effect) by clicking on the header and going to the homepage.

Told you – slow blogging time.

Tomorrow, my post will be about an ear of some kind – we all don’t want to miss that…


            1. There are a few of us. Although I class my eyes as blue rather than different coloured, with the light thing…
              I’ve just found a photo which I used for one of my Gravatars which shows the different colours, but it must just be a light thing… sometimes I have two blue eyes, sometimes two green, and sometimes one of each. I’m nothing if not odd! (Now let’s see if this picture works…)

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