Firstly, what’s happened to Australia?

Above is the odd image I get for Australia every time I view my WordPress admin on my mobile phone. I want the proper image back!

I tried to copy an image of the Australian flag from Wikipedia, and got:

Ulp. Very odd.

Not to be put off, I’ve taken a screenshot, to be used as a temporary measure…


Secondly, we’ve had snow today. Odd in the fact that we had it yesterday when it wasn’t forecast and today it was. What are the odds on that?

And thirdly, my blog was under attack this morning from a Facebook spammer. They tried leaving a message on one of my very early posts which was flung into my moderation queue, and from there I swiftly kicked it into spam. The message oddly had no relevance to any part of the post they’d left it on… and the subject? Well, ‘twas one unbecoming for a blog of this stature. Most odd that they even tried.


It’s a slow blogging day. Again.

I’ll be back into it shortly. I promise.

Posted by Tom Merriman

A future writer living in the present day


  1. Been there done that before…I have never figured out why they pick old posts to comment on over and over…Such a drag. Oddities are fun TL. Imagine how boring life would be without them 🙂 VK

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    1. True, VK… we do need oddities every now and again!

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  2. Now I’m worried – where IS Australia? I’m firmly sitting on it with 20 odd million others – but where are we ?!! Glad you put in that temporary measure – such a *relief *
    BTW – I get those odd comments all the time on old posts. Some of them are in languages other than english. I bin them too 🙂

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    1. It’s still doing it, Raili, but only on the mobile. It’s very strange.



  3. My blog blocks search engines, so I stay clean!!! 🙂

    Let’s hope they don’t lose Australia along with the flag!!! 😉

    God Bless!


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    1. Australia itself is fine, Prenin… visitors pop in from time to time from there so I know it’s fine. As to the flag though, I’m clueless as to what’s happening.

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