I went for a walk the other evening, just as it was going dark, and just as the mist was coming in.

The mist added an eerie silence all around, yet at the same time odd noises echoed and reverberated through the silence.

The place took on the feel of a different time, an ancient time, a Jurassic time, in fact. I’m positive I heard a roar in the distance.

With the distant view waiting to be ‘painted in’, the foreground stood out even though there was hardly a glimmer of daylight left.

Everything takes on a different feel as a mist closes in. I half expected to see a shadowy figure emerge from out of the thick fog in the distance… although I’m pleased to say that I didn’t.

And yet, even through the darkness and the mist, the last glimpses of a super Autumn still managed to shine through.


  1. Good pictures Tom! 🙂

    I love the eerie feel to a winter fog, but not the ability to avoid being run over becoming somewhat diminished! 🙂

    Currently our roads on the estate are being used as a rat run by drivers with lead foot syndrome! 😦

    Nobody has died yet, but give them time… 😦

    God Bless!


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