Saw you
In my mind
Walking swiftly
Away by yourself
Daydreaming as you do
Your face was hidden in shade
Yet I could see your friendly smile
I noticed that you glanced towards me
But felt sad when you looked away
I tell myself you saw me
How would I ever know?
Next time could you wave?
It was nice though
Seeing you


Image from Pixabay


  1. A wonderful entry Tom for your Mind Walk theme. and I Like Balroops answer of them being distracted.. I wonder though how many have turned not wanting to get caught in conversation from someone they once knew .. Wishing you a restful evening Tom and a good rest of the week

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        1. Done intentionally, yes, I agree – very hurtful. I would hope that it isn’t intentional, but people are people… we all have things on our minds from time to time, but a quick acknowledgement just takes a second.

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          1. Yes it does..I understand how that feels …when my Mother and I met around a corner in our town.. I said hello she turned on her heels in the other direction.. 😦 It took along while to heal from that one.. Even though it had been 10 yrs she had stopped talking to me.. I had always tried to communicate but gave up as I was only hurting myself.. The Universe threw us together for one last chance.. I spoke she choose not to. Sadly she passed away 4 months later.. So I soo know.

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              1. True Tom.. I know that now.. which is all part of my journey and own healing and letting go.. Knowing I tried.. and sending forgiveness .. and Love out I hope she now knows I always did and will always love her.. xx

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  2. An intriguing poem about the what ifs of seeing someone we know but not being acknowledged. I liked this very much, Tom.
    I encountered an old physician of mine at a clothing store with his wife. He had retired years before and I had to seek a new one. When I approached to say hello, he looked at me as if he didn’t acknowledge me. I walked away. I thought he was avoiding a wife-type issue. I continued shopping. Later on his wife came over to say he had Alzheimer’s. This incident inspired my recent post. Things aren’t always the way they seem. 😊 I suppose I have another story to write about Alzheimer’s. Fate does hand us gifts. Have a relaxing Wednesday night.
    Isadora 😎

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    1. Very true, Isadora… we can’t really take all things at face value – there are lots of reasons as to why things are different to how we think they should be…
      I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday also! πŸ™‚

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  3. All will be well as long as you don’t make assumptions…Like assume someone saw you and react to that rather than just accepting what it is for whatever reason and be strong enough within to let it go by. It is there problem more than it is yours. Still though, it’s hard no matter what. Hey TL I left you an email. Check your spam πŸ™‚ VK

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    1. Very true, VK.
      Sorry, VK – I received your email, but just haven’t had time to reply yet… I will get to it soon (it will be either Friday or Saturday now though…) But no worries – I’m just working through a few things without rushing (in the time I have spare, that is! It’s all backwards and forwards here at the minute!)

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