I haven’t really had much time for painting this month… I haven’t really had much time to do anything, actually, but sometimes time just has to be made.

Charlie’s adventure this month is Share Your Favourite Things, and as I’m still in August (I’m still in August? I am!) I thought I’d create a very quick painting of one of my favourite dogs… an Old English Sheepdog. I just love ‘em! Floppy fur and everything! Not that my painting shows that much floppy fur, I hasten to add, but the idea’s there.

I also like anything Old English to be spelled olde worlde style (it has something to do with my Inner Traditionalist!), so I named this painting Olde English Sheepdog.

Will I paint again before the month is out? Only time knows. If not, there will be another adventure along next month, so then I may be able to be a little more creative.

Feeling creative yourself? Visit Charlie’s blog on the link above to find out more details, and then join the World Watercolour Group!


    1. Ah, Charlie! So pleased! 😀 And thank you.
      (By the way, I had to rescue you from my Spam box today – well, this comment anyway! There’s a problem being investigated by WordPress and it seems it’s affecting you now as well… just thought I’d let you know in case you noticed something odd when you left your comment!)

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            1. Just rescued you again, Charlie… I didn’t know whether to leave this comment in the spam folder so they could do their checks, but the system learns whenever comments are marked as ‘not spam’ , so my logic told me that if I didn’t mark you as not spam, then it may think your comments ARE spam and we can’t have that. These glitches are quirky, aren’t they? 😀

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