A quick update regarding the spam commenting issue that is currently affecting a few of us…

Becky has been speaking to the WordPress Happiness Engineers about the problem, and they have advised that the problem appears to be with some commenters rather than the blogs themselves. I work with computers and I don’t know what the difference is between the two, although the comments can come from different sources rather than just through the blogs, so this may have something to do with it – that’s just me thinking aloud there – nothing official…

However, the Happiness Engineers have asked that if anyone has been flung into spam could they let them know (I’ve added a link below) – the problem is it could be a few hours until the comments are discovered in spam, and I have to release the comment so I can reply and let the commenter know they’ve been in spam… although it may help to build up a bigger picture as part of their investigation.

I will advise you if you’ve been rescued, no worries there!, and if you get chance to, if you could pop by to the following link to advise it may help to resolve this rather frustrating problem.


Thank you.


  1. Trouble is how does one know a comment has been relegated to spam? If it doesn’t appear on a subsequent visit to the same post, it could be that the blogger has rejected it – so unless one is informed of a rescue, blissful ignorance prevails.

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    1. So true, Col. I think this may just be a case of those who have been told they’ve been rescued passing the info back… a bit of an ask in all of today’s busyness, but hopefully the problems will be fixed sooner rather than later. I’ve been advising everyone I rescue… but the rescue is sometimes hours after the comment has been left!

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  2. I suspect the reason they told me it was to do with commentators is because so few of us have been aware and consequently reporting it. Hopefully now they’ll realise it is a BIG issue! Thanks for writing the post Tom.

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  3. I thought you may like an update from the Happiness Engineers Tom.. This is the reply I got after sending in my list
    “Thank you very much for your email and for passing on that list, we appreciate your effort!
    Akismet is a system which grows and evolves organically and by itself, and learns from the feedback in inputs that we give to it. Whenever you recognise and label any comments coming from those sites as “not spam” comments, Akismet registers this and will apply it also on other sites.

    Therefore, you don’t need to send us the list of the “good” sites every time you whitelist them; every time you take them off fomr Akismet’s blacklist, the plugin updates itself with the new information.

    Thanks again very much for being so vigilant on the comments management in your site!

    Please let me know if you have any questions or doubts, and we’re happy to assist you.”

    Wishing you a great Thursday Tom

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    1. Thanks, Sue. It seems they’re now asking us not to send the details over… but I’ve had to free another comment earlier from someone I had to do it to the last time they commented, so the registry thing doesn’t seem to be working properly. The comment was left a while ago though, so hopefully the problem’s now sorted. Fingers crossed…

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