Time. It certainly stops for nobody.

If I’m not complaining about the weather, I’m complaining about time.

This time it’s time. Time, my time, seems to only have two settings, slow and warp speed. Lately, I’ve had a lot of time to enjoy the first, but within the past week, the latter has somehow crept up and overtook things.

I need to make time to make time slow down again.

I shall have to take myself to one side, and just sit and be. Contemplate life and stuff, allow myself to drift between dimensions, breathe deeply, savour every moment, and align myself with the normal flow of things once again. Drifting between dimensions opens thousands of different portals, trains of thought, and gateways to imaginary realms never before tapped into. Going within really slows things down. Yes, I shall have to go exploring methinks. I’ll write about my findings, obviously!

Running around like a headless chicken is no good for anyone.


  1. The great thing about headless chickens is that they can survive without a head for several days!!! 🙂


    Yes, but true!!! 🙂

    There have been documented incidents!

    God Bless!


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