#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twentynine

I felt like something a little trickier today, so I opted for a snake. Then, I thought I’d just do its head and part of its neck… I mean, that’s what snakes are really, isn’t it? A head and a neck. Then, I thought I’d change it a little… add a few more ridges here and there, and give a little more shading around the eye. The eye, by the way is the actual snake’s eye, I haven’t made any changes to that apart from the speckles, that is. So, what started off as a snake, finished as a snakes head hybrid.

Tell you what, I’ve painted some odd things this month, haven’t I?

I can’t believe there are only two days left for World Watercolour Month. During June, I had doubts that I’d find the time to complete thirtyone watercolours in thirtyone days, and it is only toward the end of the month that I have noticed time creeping in around me. I’m amazed. It’s amazing what you can do when you set yourself to one side and just do it. That said, I haven’t counted all my chickens just yet – there are still two days to go.

I’d love to complete it. Will I?

Let’s take a jolly good look and see, shall we?!


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