So, at long last, I can reveal who it was in my portrait that never was.

But before I go on, however, just a quick word about the history. Although I have only recently started painting in watercolour, many years ago, I used to create my own caricatures of folk. I used to draw what I saw, but I saw things differently, so things turned out slightly differently. With features not being too over exaggerated, I must add, but somewhat more pronounced than they actually were. Most times the caricatures looked very little like who they were meant to be, yet there were some similarities. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

It’s been years since I last did a caricature of someone, and although this painting of Lynda Carter wasn’t meant to be a caricature, old habits die hard, it seems. I know Lynda calls by the Mansion occasionally, so I hope you aren’t too offended by the sketch…

I started seeing other people in the drawing… (I can see Jacklyn Smith in the painting now – sigh!) and so did others as well. So then, I thought I had to roll with this… have a little fun! Create watercolour clues  (as it is World Watercolour Month – you may have heard of it…!)  to see if anyone would be able to name my star guest.

Obviously, with clues being clues some had to be a little obtuse.

I posted a green lantern. This was meant to represent the superhero Green Lantern, and put one in the superhero field of thought. The next clue was an eye. Lynda Carter’s eye apparently behind Diana Prince’s glasses (for those unaware – where have you been? – Lynda played Wonder Woman in the 1970s; her secret identity was Diana Prince who disguised herself by wearing spectacles, and she turned herself into Wonder Woman by removing the glasses, whirling round and creating mystical explosions wherever trouble was occurring). The next clue was a pair of red boots and some old yellow rope. Well – Wonder Woman wore red boots, and used a magical lasso that compelled whoever she caught by it to tell the truth – and they had to obey. The final clue was the in the title of another recent post, ‘Sunset on an Island Paradise’ – Paradise Island was where Wonder Woman originally hailed from. The character played by the mystery person in my painting was Wonder Woman, so it had to be Lynda. Easy clues when you know how.

Incidentally, there was another actress to play Wonder Woman in 1967, Ellie Wood Walker, so I had to mention ‘forty years ago’ in my last post to avoid confusion. Not that I like to confuse. Who? Me? And, speaking of the last post, hanging in the wardrobe were Wonder Woman’s cape and her blue underwater outfit that she wore occasionally – and the boots and lasso were there again. The boots magically became flippers when she was under water.

So. The guesses. We’ve certainly been seeing stars with this little exercise! Britney Spears. Kelly Brook. Julia Roberts. Katy Perry. Sally Field and, interestingly, or coincidentally, Debra Winger. Jodi came up with Debra Winger and I nearly fell through the floor when I read it. Debra starred with Lynda Carter in a few episodes of Wonder Woman back in the day – she played Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s sister. So you can have a point for that, Jodi, even though you weren’t exactly right that time!

I may do another of these some time in the future. I’ve had a whale of a time recently.

A bit of creative licence does ‘wonders’… have a go, if you don’t believe me!


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