Hurtling around Mount Olympus, as we have been over the past few weeks (we’re hurtling at a slower than normal pace, but that’s fine!) we now find ourselves toward the top of the great mount again. And here, we find the mystical tower that is frequented by the one and only Phoebe. Well, I say one and only, but there were a few. This Phoebe, however, is the grandmother of another Phoebe, who was also known as Artemis, Apollo’s sister. Phoebe (Artemis) was known as the Goddess of the Moon, and some believe she received this title after her grandmother. Phoebe (the grandmother) was more of a prophet, a foreteller of facts. She used the power of the Moon, as well as that of the Sun to decipher the messages she was receiving (in fact they were messages from her mother, Gaia)

Phoebe was one of the Titans, who went to war with the Olympian Gods, although Phoebe herself never took part and as such wasn’t imprisoned afterwards. Quite lucky really, considering her tower is toward the top of Mount Olympus… that would be a tad awkward if she was spotted if things had been slightly different. 

This is yet another PowerPoint creation, where it felt like I was actually building the tower brick by brick – it’s a good thing only part of it is visible here! Most of the image is made up of random shapes, apart from the Moon (which was obtained on Pixabay) and then the whole thing had a little jiggery pokery applied in PicMonkey.


    1. Thanks, VK, I do enjoy it – I suppose it’s a little like making a collage only without the paper. I like trying to come up with different ideas of places where these legendary characters could have spent some of their time. A little like re-writing history, but it’s not as though that’s never happened before, is it? 😉 Hope you have a good weekend, VK.


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