Lilac skies and scattered starlight belie the time of day, reflected correctly from within the Pond of Paradise, at the edge of Elsewhere. Elephants trumpet alongside a kookaburra’s call, an owl flies overhead and a snow leopard patrols the realm with stealth. On the far bank a willow weeps with joy as a rainbow appears like a bridge over the leprechaun’s fountain. Lavender scent fills the air, brought in with the gentle breeze from the Eternal Meadow. From the wooden house with the veranda that overlooks the pond, harp music can be heard through an open window, which also sends out another scent, this time of freshly baked bread. From beneath the still surface of the water, a dolphin appears. All is calm. All is well. After all, this is Elsewhere. The place where dreams come from. The place we visit every time we sleep… if only we could remember.


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