This certainly puts the flat into… erm… well, you know what beans can do.

Charlie over at Doodlewash has invited everyone over for a #DoodlewashDinner, only we have to provide something delicious to eat or drink in the form of a watercolour painting. I thought I’d go for something easy… and therein was my problem. I thought.

Beans on toast is one of the delicacies I can cook. Painting it, however, is a different challenge. This is my second actual watercolour on actual paper. I think I’m happy with it, even though it isn’t as three-dimensional as I’d hoped. Still, with a bit of precision-angled mobile phone photography, I made the far end of the rustic slab (it’s too thick to be a plate) appear to be slightly out of focus, so the painting appears to have depth, if not height. I must admit that I quite like the bean that’s over at one o’clock though.

I don’t think it’s too bad for an hour’s doodling. The actual beans on toast would have been devoured within five minutes, so this has lasted longer anyway!

Visit Doodlewash for Charlie’s and others takes on the theme.


  1. Beans are and occuriedtaste, but at Gastradamus, we love toast. Please when you get the chance comment on my latest two stories, “why women without makeup are more enjoyable to snuggle with” and the new post, ” The Bald and the Brestless”.


  2. What a great idea by Charlie to get people painting! Kind of reminds me of our feasts we do online for holidays TL…Like the parties at the mansion for New years Eve etc…’Cool beans’ TL. I wonder who started that saying and why? VK

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