In th’north, weyav a sayin’
Dorn’t cast a clout ‘til Mare’s out

Maybe inth’ south theyav it too… andth’ east an’ west….
But I dorn’t ave a clue

It means don’t remove a cloth until the month of May is passed as the weather is extremely changeable.

So I’m sat here in my winter clobber, in sub-tropical temperatures, gasping for a drink (which I shall resolve in a quick second or two!)

I say sub-tropical. It’s 29.7 degrees Celsius (85.5 F), which is rather an increase on yesterday’s 4; so a whopping 25 degrees hotter gives a sudden tropical feel to things…

I may even have ice in my drink. With an umbrella.

It’s the little things that make all the difference!


      1. Hi VK! 🙂

        I tried to, but when I stopped my meds and tried to live a normal life I discovered I’m addicted… 😦

        I’m back on them and woke about 10.30pm…

        God Bless! 🙂



        1. I wish we could get you off of everything Prenin and your life could unfold as it longs to do…I wish only the best for you Prenin…Keep looking for the good in all the bad. It’s ALWAYS there someplace if you look hard enough for it. Everything happens for a reason. The question is, “Do we notice the reasons as they unfold?” Blessings…VK 🙂

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  1. Warm and sunny here too, but I have too many things to do indoors that I am just admiring it through the windows!
    I understood that May referred to the blossom on a hawthorn tree (also known as a may tree), rather than the month? I have a hawthorn tree in the garden and it is blossom free, so I still have my winter vest on! 😀

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    1. That makes more sense, Elaine, than the whole of May, as by the end of the month it’s usually positively roasting! But I’ve always believed it to mean the whole month… I hope your tree blooms for you soon!


  2. That is even worse than the temperature switches we have had lately. Together with sudden onsets of lashing rain. Which makes your idea of an umbrella in the drink rather a good one – at least THAT doesn’t get wet.

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