Passing this way

When, knowing how much I enjoy spending time in Blogland, will I be back more regularly?

Quite soon, as it happens, and I hope!

I’m kind of busy away from Blogland at this present moment in time, hence these quick question posts (just to keep my presence here… and my hand in, for that matter!), the lack of replies to your amazing comments (which I will address very soon and I apologise for leaving you all hanging and replyless) and my rather poor attendance record at your very own sites (I do squeeze in the occasional visit, but usual via mobile phone where comments are nigh on impossible. Sigh).

I will be back.

Thank you for visiting and bearing with me, the terrible blogger that I am.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I WILL see you soon!

6 Comments on “Passing this way

  1. No worries Tom – I have too much time on my hands, so I’m online four or five times a day! 🙂

    Hope life settles down for you soon my friend!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



  2. So, if I am to get this straight – Beyond the Sphere is out of our sphere? For now, anyway! 🙂
    You may need to simply pick up without trying to go back – the volumes can become daunting!


    • Not quite, Col. Beyond the Sphere is still here, it’s just that I’m a little out of the loop so to speak right now. I’m keeping things ticking over here post-wise, and I’m getting there replying… it’s just visiting which I need to catch up with now. Pick up and move on is the best option… although I’ve probably missed thousands of good posts!


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