The Mysterious Missing Monorail

I’m exploring the Catacombs below the Mansion this week.

I’m actually looking for the Jar and the Key to the door to the Canyon below, so far without success. I found an old sign the other day, which was strange, but not as strange as my latest find.

Three old postcards lying scattered but together.

One from Blackpool, one from Rhyl and the third from Skegness. Now, I’ve been to Blackpool and Rhyl on many occasion, but never to Skegness.

The images on the postcards are somewhat different to how the towns look today (speaking for Blackpool and Rhyl; I wouldn’t be knowing about Skegness, but presumably that would have changed with the times as well). Rhyl is shown to have a monorail, which I simply can not recollect.

I’ve had to do some research into this, and have found, through the wonders of the internet, that a monorail did, in fact, exist in Rhyl in the early 1980s. For a few weeks anyway, until the company went bust.

I mustn’t have visited Rhyl during that time for I have never seen even the track, let alone the train itself, which I presume would have to have been in place for quite some time.

I must walk around with my eyes closed for most of the time. Or looking in the wrong direction, anyway.

I wonder what else I’ve missed as I wandered aimlessly through countless days?

10 Comments on “The Mysterious Missing Monorail

    • I’ve also been to Stockport on a couple of occasions, Tilly. We could have crossed a road together and not even realised! Strange feeling, really!


  1. I always find it fascinating to discover something new in a place I have been a hundred times, just
    because I never noticed it before. Or, perhaps that happens because we were in a different dimension when we were there compared to where we reside now. Hmmmmm????


    • It is odd when you notice something new that you hadn’t noticed in the thousand or so times you walked passed before, VK. I used to drive the same way every day – I still do – and one day noticed that a large building that had stood on one of the corners had gone. Not only that, it had been replaced with a fully functioning street level open car park. How I missed that being demolished is beyond me…

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    • Yours and mine both, Diane. It’s an odd feeling when you notice something different, but can’t remember why it looks different…


  2. I might have passed you many times in Stockport! (re your comment back up the top 😉 ) I’ve been to Skegness on a Scooter rally many moons ago….can’t say I remember anything about it! I know I drove a scooter there but my condition whilst revelling at all-nighters and other unmentionable activities have successfully relieved me of any further memories lol Wouldn’t like to say how I drove the scooter back to the realms of Cheshire either in that state!!


    • Maybe it was you at that pedestrian crossing in Stockport that day, Icewolf? Or, you were the one at the cashpoint, and I was behind you in the queue.

      And sometimes, it’s best to leave the memories where they are!


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