Capturing the moment

Sometimes, flashes of inspiration appear out of the blue. Most times, actually, for they wouldn’t be flashes of inspiration if they didn’t. It isn’t as though a flash of inspiration would be slowly creeping up on an unsuspecting target now, is it? No, they strike in the moment – in that very instant.

I had a flash of inspiration that slowly occurred to me earlier this evening. I was merrily taking photos for my next Selfie post, when I gradually realised a flash of inspiration was upon me.

‘Capture the moment’, said an Inner Voice. One I’m not too familiar with for that matter either. It certainly wasn’t Fingers, my Inner Typist. ‘Capture the moment of you taking a Selfie’ he said. He said. So that also ruled out Thomasina, my Inner Woman; and my Inner Zombie who generally doesn’t string two words together could also be discarded. It takes him all his time to string two grunts together, come to think of it.

So I did.

Captured me capturing the moment.

And I still only got the top of my head.

At least I had enough time to brush the hair away from my face first. That was a flash of inspiration too. You’ll have to wait to see how the Selfie turns out.

13 Comments on “Capturing the moment

    • Ah… between you and me, CM, the lighting flares were added afterwards… photos of me are just… well… boring as they are!
      I’m glad you like them though!

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