The Inner Chylde
That dwells inside
Demands with tantrums to be heard
To be pleased
But vexed if teased
Without uttering a word

The Inner Chylde
With macabre smiles
Causes mischief and mayhem galore
Yet it will cast a spell
On those who tell
The Chylde to be no more

The Inner Chylde
Neither tame nor wild
Will demand to have its fun
But if denied
The Chylde inside
Will make your imagination run

The Inner Chylde
Is not all that wise
As it manipulates the fear
It will ‘play’ inside
Perhaps with shrieks or cries
Drawing madness ever near

The Inner Chylde
That dwells inside
Can never be removed
You can play its game
Or go insane
Either way, Chylde’s never soothed

12 thoughts

      1. Oh yes! My Inner Chylde had the time of his life! lol 😉 My nightmares are excellent at the moment lol as I don’t have to emerge into the horrors of the current October weather till it suits me this week, and I can snuggle up with my nightmares and my Inner Chylde under the duvet to prolong the delightful nightmares he’s inflicting on me 😉


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